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  • Cardbet scam me

    This case is about betting boxing on Cardbet.com
    Cardbet is a brand name of Worldclass Entertainment company registered on the 11th December 2012 under the laws of Curacao, with Company Registration No 127991 (0) and under license No 1668/JAZ granted by Government of Curacao as of Dec 5th, 2012. Website www.cardbet.com.

    Responsible for customer relations is the maltese daughter company Gormadan Solutions ltd with its address: No.12, Tigne Place, Office 2/1, SLM 3137 Sliema, Malta.

    I like to gamble. I were watching that there was coming three good boxing matches on that night I was checking odds from betfair and then cardbet. I had money in cardbet and odds was ok. Cardbet have higher draw odds than betfair.

    I made my bet:

    Wladimir Klitschko v Povetkin / 1X2
    To Povetkin, 500€, odds 3.95
    Draw 50€ 56.00
    Draw 50€ 56.00
    Draw 50€ 54.00
    Draw 50€ 54.00
    Quigg v Salinas / 1X2
    Draw 20€ 170.00
    Draw 20€ 170.00
    Cotto v Delvin Rodriguez / 1X2
    Draw 25€ 44.00
    Draw 58€ 44.00
    (betfair odds were draw 40-80-30 (i guess))

  • When I've placed few bets for every matches, odds went black, and it was no longer possible to place bets.

    I tought everything were ok and I went to sleep. I woke up and checked boxing results. One of the matches was draw! I went to my cardbet account and checked my bets and they were active. Draw match was Quigg v Salinas. I had to wait 5 hours before cardbet finally paid my winnings 20e+20e (my orginal bets), instead of 3400+3400e


    • After that i sent email to their customerservice :"You are doing miss thing about my Quigg v Salinas / 1X2 betting. Match ended up X (draw) and i bet that 20e with odds 170.00, and i also had similar bet 20e x 170.00... I dont think its right you only gave my 20+20e win (returned my bets) My real winnings should be 3400+3400e"

      After that message, i receive respond: "Bets placed on this game have been replaced to players account since our system was down and gave out completely incorrect odds, this protection you can read more about in our terms and conditions. "

      I replied back:
      I bet every matches as a draw. If your system was broken why you didn't pay all my bets back? System went down after I have place bets. I apologize for your system, but you have to cancel that bet before match begin. Odds was ok for 1x2 -thing.

      Their respond: All odds given out with incorrect odds due to technical problems are voided according to our terms and condition.

      End of day i replied: I bet 823€ to wrong odds and I got 40€ push. What are you trying to say? There is huge odds to next match too, draw 86 and example betfair only like 40. There is too wrong odds (oh sorry i mean an technical problems) if I bet and hit it? (EVERY MATCH WAS LIKE THAT) Can I talk to Erik or should I do it something different way?"


      • Erik checked the case. Odds were good in every else game than Quigg v Salinas. He said that bet was arbitrage. Then he offered my special "high roller bonus" depositing 500€ 100%". Erik is COO.

        I said him that i were gambling, got lucky and should be rewarded. I also tried to tell him that they can pay by "correct" odds (80x40=3200e), but Erik told me that they cant pay void matches. Erik said that correct odds were like 30, and company have policy for voiding incorrect odds. He also told me that i am trying to get advantage of system errors
        "[11:14:22] Erik: but you are obviousy using staff and tools to take advantage of things like this"

        Finally i told that im not going to bet there anymore at all, but i will do next step to get my big winnings and withdrawal every penny to Skrill or Nordea. Erik links me http://www.euroearners.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Sports-Betting-Promotion.pdf "If a bet is accepted at a price that is materially different from those available in the general market
        at the time the bet was made or clearly incorrect given the chance of the event occurring then the
        Operator will void all these bets"

        Finally i told him, that odds were in marketline. And there were no mistake by human. And in terms and conditions there were not mentioned any timeframe when odds should be cancelled


        • I'm currently in Barcelona for an industry conference, but I can talk to Cardbet when I get back on Friday, although I see them reconsidering their decision as quite unlikely.

          You took a shot at what were obviosuly wrong odds, so Erik is right about that, but they should offer to settle at correct odds, not void altogether.


          • Yea I think so. Thank you pier0

            One of them official answer:

            “According to our terms and conditions we are protected against these kinds of human / technical errors. The fact that the odds for the player´s bet was 170 for a draw in a boxing fight is very much "different from those available in the general market", which, according to our sport management was around 30.

            Our policy is to pay back the stake to the player, no matter the outcome of the bet. The following is from our terms and conditions:

            Human error / System problems
            If a bet is accepted at a price that is materially different from those available in the general market
            at the time the bet was made or clearly incorrect given the chance of the event occurring then the
            Operator will void all these bets.

            For full terms and conditions, please click on this link:


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