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  • Asianconnect and Singbet

    Tried AsianConnect,who offered various accounts [IBC,SBO].Already had those,and of the ones I didn't have,I liked Singbet.So I sent some money via moneybookers/skrill and they opened an account for me.
    It worked more or less okay [winnings,returns credited back overnight],but then the Singbet account got closed,and the balance transferred to a new Singbet account.I had an open bet,and that got voided,and the cost added to my cash balance.
    I queried this,pointing out that if I'd placed an ante -post bet,then if the team had lost in a knockout competition,the bet would have lost,but if the team had survived a knockout round,the bet would be worth more than it had cost.They told me that they don't know when an account will be closed.
    Perhaps I wasn't placing enough bets on the account to satisfy Singbet.The reason for that is that Singbet don't feature on many odds cmparison sites [only TXodds ?],so I have to go to their website to check their odds.Anyway,I will have to make sure that all of my bets with my AsianConnect Singbet account are short term bets.

  • It now appears that Singbet do honour outstanding bets when accounts are closed.This apparently came as news to AsianConnect,who did eventually ageee to void my bet which they had told me was void - they had apparently had to pay Singbet when the bet had lost.So AsianConnect apparently wound up out of pocket.


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