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  • bitcoinlivebets stealing all my winnings 30BTC $3600

    those who do not want to read all posts, here are the significant facts

    i made 2 withdrawals 12 BTC and 20.89 BTC

    - but i got only 1.2 BTC and 2.089 BTC *(so only 10%)
    - and bitcoinlivebets added a fake bet to my account *

    Total number of games 20.5 Romeo, Caroline - Szupper, Marlies * o * -147
    Stake: 29,601000 BTC (Bet by slip 29,601000 BTC), Possible winnings: 0,000000 BTC

    bitcoinlivebets claim that

    - in their first reply they talking about voiding my bets , breaking their rules *(https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=300044.msg3216511#msg3216511) *and ” are not able to pay more than the amounts of 1.2 and 2.089 BTC „ *but nothing about the fake bet (i have never placed) i earlier asked them what this bet is
    - i placed 10 times more amount (29,601 BTC) on that fake bet, despite of earlier my highest stake was only 3 BTC
    - they increased their maximum bet amount on 9/17/2013 , but i put my whole account balance on a noname itf tennis match, insted of such players matches as Radwanska, Gulbis, Cornet ,Becker and only after the 8th match where i could bet on with higher amount (you can check my 8 bets that i placed after 9/17/2013 , max. 2 and 3 BTC *round sums, no decimal point *https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=300044.msg3220301#msg3220301 )
    - i withdrawed first only 1.2 BTC when my account balance was 24,24 BTC (not the half 12 BTC, only 1.2) *(in my bitcoin wallet i have more than 1000 bitcoins and i have fun with withdrawing 1.2 BTC)
    - they know that i will make another withdrawal request and so they paid it out only 53 hours later
    - i placed that fake bet when my account balance was 31,69 BTC, i opened the bet slip and typed 29,601, *consider i have never placed 3 decimal points sums, *insted of round sums at 10 times less stakes
    - and after my lost fake bet i withdrawed the remaining 2.089 BTC , and i got it after 21 hours without charged any fee (but earlier they always charged me and their customers with 0.5% fee)
    - it is only coincidence that if you count with 12 BTC withdrawal in the account balance history then exactly 20.89 remaning in my account before the they added the false bet , which equals exactly my second withdrawal request amount *(you can check it in here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=300044.msg3220958#msg3220958 )

    so i had to bet on that tennis match exactly 29,601 *beacuse with other amount the 12 -> 1.2 *and 20.89 -> 2.089 conversation wont match *
    (do not forget that bitcoinlivebets admit/shared those numbers too https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=300044.msg3220958#msg3220958 )

    the fake bet match was a quarterfinal match , the winner gets $245 *

    (ITF Women’s Circuit $10,000 – 32 Draw (2% Fee = $200)
    32 Singles 16 Doubles (per team)

    Winner $1,568 $637
    Finalist $ 980 $343
    Semi-finalist $ 490 $196
    Quarter-finalist $ 245 $ 98
    Round of 16 $ 196 $ 49
    Round of 32 $ 98 -
    Total $7,644 $2,156

    29,601 BTC is about $3600

    (so if you are interested in it is time to you to launch a betting mafia, you could bet on itf tennis matches about 30 BTC on every market, (with multiple accounts more and more) *at bitcoinlivebets ,and you have to pay only a little sum to the cheating tennis player *, that would be the last day of a bookmaker who would accept such high stakes on such matches )

    the maximum bet is on their site 3 BTC at this time

    "Minimum bet: 0.001 BTC, maximum bet 3 BTC per bet combination"
    after 5 minutes form my post , where i said that the max is only 3 BTC , the staring page changed *

    "Minimum bet: 0.001 BTC" *
    on there site there is nothing about withdrawal fees, of course they will update after my post, but you can check it in google site cache service

    Earlier i *had 2 more withdrawals : with 0.5% fee

    3 BTC --> 2.98511 BTC *
    https://blockchain.info/tx/f15ef48d160b8a37f3a1bcf658146cb44674685dcfc5258c97 910f7376e78ad6

    26,474 BTC --> 9.93273311 BTC *+ *16.40947689 BTC *= *26,34220799 ( i got this in 2 transactions)

    https://blockchain.info/tx/73fed1684d8240f943245148951753dd1ec37b21ba21506d68 a9a19e8cfe1e54
    https://blockchain.info/tx/92080917a31320a17bd8f64d01f7271f54341593aa9e902c53 ef8f41e8b0ad83

    and here are the last two grabled withdrawals, without any fee *(1.2 and 2.089 insted of *12 and 20.89)

    https://blockchain.info/de/tx/0954400b3b0a4d90063c2fc14e822a371dd58f5e0425cc2f5d 1839187694eb06
    https://blockchain.info/de/tx/a83779b04c91a6803b3d86bdd1378eeaee0834c2efe30ccb45 a50ffc5aebd21b

    (here i do not understand why the input output is much higher than the Estimated BTC Transacted)

    there are 32 hours difference beetween the withdrawal requests but i got them only 2 minutes difference 53 hours (2 days 5 hours) later from my 1st withdrawal request (you can check it in the first bitcoinlivebets post in *https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=300044.msg3217793#msg3217793 * )

    bitcoinlivebets refered that they paid me out earlier 26 BTC, *but it is normal , i do not understand, perhaps they think if they paid me out earlier they did me a favor

  • i will come up with another post , why i withdrawed all my money form this site


    • why are you betting with bitcoins?

      where are you located?


      • We had to remove the imageupload files because they had malware in it


        • Originally posted by Hareeba

          why are you betting with bitcoins?

          where are you located?

          hungary , why?


          • Originally posted by newBMR

            We had to remove the imageupload files because they had malware in it

            in the jpg and png files? i do not think so

            this is the 5th site in the row , when you find to "image upload" in google

            imageshack.us did not worked for me yesterday

            the same post with images :


            • That's what Avast Professional said and we are not going to take chances.

              If someone is really interested in the story, they can read the original on bitcointalk.


              • i wondered what you think about this issue , (i placed that bet or bitcoinlivebets added that fake bet to my account )
                http://www46.zippyshare.com/v/82456415/file.html excel xlsx file

                if you have 5 minutes , please do some math , only adding numbers
                you will see the reason why the fake bet stake is exactly 29,601 BTC

                cos the 12 -> 1.2 and 20.89 -> 2.089 (withdrawal amount faking) conversation only could be matched with that abnormal stake

                (i posted my transaction and betting history more than 2 days ago and bitcoinlivetbets do not cast doubt on it that it is correct or not )


                • Bookmakers Review has been recommending players to be extremely careful betting with bitcoin bookmakers as they operate without a license in complete anonymity.

                  The nature of bitcoin makes a complaint like yours difficult to investigate, at least for us that we are not bitcoin experts. You will probably find more support on bitcoin forums.


                  • dduck,

                    I read the thread on bitcointalk and saw that to present your credentials as legitimate bettor, you mentioned that I personally invited you to be a beta tester for the new Bookmakers Review back in November 2012.

                    What you forgot to say is that you didn't contribute anything to the beta test and even worse when in April 2013 Bookmakers Review sent the one and only newsletter asking players for help with content, you unsubscribed.

                    You are welcome to post your complaints on the forum and be a member of the BMR community, but please do not use my name to gain credibility in a complaint dispute I know nothing about.



                    • nothing happened and nothing will happen

                      here are my two topic

                      real story : how bitcoincasinopro handling issues https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=309060.0

                      bitcoinlivebets.com stealing all my winnings 30 BTC https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=300044.0

                      so bitcoincasinopro only assisted to bitcoinlivebets to steal all my winnings : 30 BTC

                      It is obviously for a 10 years old child, who could use calculator that here is something wrong. (bitcoinlivebets added a fake bet to my account with stake 29,601 BTC, while they max limit is only 3 BTC)

                      after assisting for this robbery bitcoincasinopro upgraded bitcoinlivebets from C to B


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