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  • www.totobet.com contact problem , cant withdraw


    Im new on here , i wondered if anyone has experience with www.totobet.com in the Totobet Malta ltd group and licensed by LGA Malta.

    I opened my account 12/09/13 and sent my passport bank card scan to them 16/09/13 and still not been verified to my knowledge. I have tried contacting them by email several times with no answer, the live chat does not work and the telephone does not work either. Ive only played the sportsbook on this website and odds are updated everyday and live bet etc.

    Im woried now as i deposited 90 euros to this account and have a balance of 490 euros.

    Can anyone help please ?

  • When you sent copies of your passport and bank card, did they contact you and ask for that?


    • Hi no unfortunatly not they didn't it said when you makle a withdraw you need to send that id into banking@totobet.com . I sent this to them on the 16/09/13 i tried to make a withdraw it would only let me do 90 euros which was what ive deposited but that was denied by them i only know this by the account summary page. When you deposit you get an email and when you try to withdraw you get an email both automated.


      • Did you receive a bonus when you deposited? Is it possible that you did not complete the rollover?


        • Hi

          No i didn't take any bonus from them at all , i have a abalance of 490 euros it says i can withdraw 90 euros which isnt true as they denied it after 3 days. Im not sure what they actually do need as they dont answer any emails. Do you know of them please ?


          • Do you know what my plan of action should be please ? as im worried ive lost the money as it seems as if there is no one there, only someone updating the odds each day.


            • We don't know them, but we can try to contact them on your behalf.


              • I was worried that you might not know them, yes please if you could try and contact them. My username on the site is pbuxton2782 on the www.totobet.com site.


                • I've emailed Totobet, but in all honesty this is not even a slow pay yet.

                  If you don't mind me asking, why did you deposit money with them in the first place? Are they slow to move odds?


                  • The thing that concerns me the most is that they dont reply to any emails the live chat doesn't work the telephone number doesn't work. At the moment i cant request a withdrawal for the full amount it doesn't let me.

                    Im asking myself the question now why did i bother using them, i saw them on a top 100 bookmaker and i play the sportsbook and the odds were good. The odds are updated quickly and they have livebet, bets are settled quickly im not sure if this is done by someone or by the computer system though.

                    I really appreciate your help with sending an email to them thank you.


                    • I dont know if this information would mean anything but i looked at the sportsbook layout and it is exactly the same as a site ive seen complained about on here called goalwin. It has the exact same latest winners in the sports section. Could these be the same company ?
                      Ive also notice in the account that it wont let me transfer from the sportsbook to the main account/casino "
                      There has been an error (third party unavailable or transfer limits exceeded). Transfer failed."
                      I dont know if this information helps.


                      • There are hundreds of Maltese bookmakers and probably to save money some of them buy graphics for their web sites from free-lance designers that sell the same website theme to more than one bookmaker.

                        I'm not saying this is what happened in this case, but I don't think Goalwin and Totobet are the same company.

                        I actually did a quick research and found 5 sites managed by Totobet which players should avoid for the time being until we get a reply and confirm that pbuxton2782 will be paid.


                        Top 5 Reviews

                        William Hill