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  • Mcbookie.com closed my account

    After reading on this forum about Mcbookies using Betvictor to manage their site and how it was an improvement on Jenningsbet I opened an account with Mcbookies. Someone also wondered if Mcbookies would be just as quick as Betvictor to close accounts.... Well I have the answer. After placing 49 bets in just over 2 weeks, all on outright winners in Premier league, F1, MotoGP, and Championship football, and while these bets are still unsettled and I have therefore not won nor withdrawn a single penny they closed my account without even informing me. When I telephoned them I was told the senior traders had decided this action and no reason was forthcoming.

    Anyone else having their accounts closed prompto? Any idea why? I dont have any issues with identification or duplicate accounts or being an arbor etc.

  • You do not necessarily need to be an arber to have your account closed. Even if you are a "value" bettor and use odds comparisons and bet with them when they are 10% or so better than the other bookmakers.

    49 bets in 2 weeks with a new bookie is pretty impressive. They will no doubt honor these bets at the favorable odds you probably bet on, so you can count yourself lucky. It is just the route that UK bookmakers go down these days. They are not interested in any players they feel are remotely sharp or have an edge. They close accounts even before the results as they know you have picked certain events carefully. Am I right that you used an odds comparison?

    I would also assume you had your account closed at BetVictor as well in the past?


    • Sorry to hear that they have closed your account. Although McBookie claim on their website to be independent, it looks to me as if they are using BetVictor traders. If they aren't, then their own traders are very much moulded in the BetVictor image!


      • I must confess to betting only when I have an edge and do use comparison sites.And yes G-Man I also had Betvictor account closed 2 years ago.I wonder if this might also have triggered the closure this time as Betvictor obviously handles the odds as well as taking the deposits (My refunds were from Betvictor and not Mcbookie).


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