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  • Gambling addiction refund?

    I am a problem gambler who is still getting help for my addiction. I have previously self excluded for all sites including William Hill. Here is my dilemma:

    I recently relapsed and had someone else create an account for me in their name, but used a card registered in my name to deposit funds. I have racked up a considerable amount of deposits, totalling £8,800. At no point have verification checks been carried out for the account holder, i.e. proof of id etc. They also should not have accepted deposits into the account from a card that does not match the account holders name. My question is would I be able to get a refund as they haven’t carried out their KYC checks properly? I know it is my responsibility and it is my problem that needs addressing. However, I am hoping for a lucky break and maybe get a refund. Please don’t shame me as this has been very hard for me to write and ask if anything can be done, and now I have to explain to my family I have relapsed, so shaming me will really not help - although I understand if people were to say “it’s your own fault”. As I say I am dealing with these problems and informed the account holder to not set any accounts up for me in future should I ever ask again. This amount was deposited with no form of contact in just 3-4 days

    Thanks in advance for any help

  • 8800 for casino, you're in trouble my man...


    • Lizzy said right, you need to slow down, if you had the opportunity to have some help, then don't hesitate to pass all the course until the end. Otherwise, it can end super badly and you will regret about that your whole life. I know this because I had a few friends that fallen as gambling victims and they also ended very bad. I am also a gambler, but I look at this from another point of view. You come there for money, but I gamble on joker123 for fun. I remain with money and good mood. Btw, sometimes I can hit a good jackpot.
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