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  • Bookmakers and brokers removed my country.. what to do?

    I recently noticed that a few months ago apparantly a few of my bookmakers (that have licenses and are somewhat are popular/dont have much bad rep) and brokers for betting sites removed my country for their permitted country list.
    The thing is, I had to find everything out on my own. They did not give me any heads up, did not send me any mail regarding this.. nothing..

    What should I do and what is going to happen to my accounts....

    If things get grim how should I approach talking to their licenses since I think this is the most efficient way to overcome any problems as a last resort.
    I usually never ask for help and im embarassed, so if anyone could please offer some advice or their thoughts on what is going to happen to my existing accounts and what my best most valuable step can be, I will really appreciate you ~!!
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  • You can use VPN or the TOR browser to hide your location,but that is only realistically useful for overcoming communication blocks.


    • You can use VPN to hide your location also you can choose a location that is accepted in that website.


      • The bookmaker may allow you to open an account and deposit money if you disguise your location - but then if you try to withdraw winnings they are likely to demand ID ! So then if you have misled them they may confiscate your winnings and even your deposit.


        • Did you try to hide your location with VPN


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