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  • Casobet ???

    The transactions name for this company are not even them ! Not paying out and disabled my online chat option !!!

    Ongoing at the moment. They disabled my chat button as soon as I tried to withdraw money. Some guy called Jason said he has sent it to relevant team but when I asked more questions he ignored me. They must have a tracker of where your signing in as I am blocked on chat for phone and iPad. Even when I’m not signed Into my account

    My worry is if you check your online bank statements the money coming from when I deposited does not say it’s from casobet. It names some random company in Spain and Canada for both my transactions !! One is called livada digital Spain. The other intoretrx technologies which is a pharmaceutical company in Canada ! Does anyone no how this is even possible ?? This is borderline illegal and now my money is just sat in pending with my chat button disabled and no one emailing me back. This is the biggest fix I have seen and needs to get reported ASAP but I don’t no where to turn ! Anybody ?

    Im hoping this commminity can help me as this is my first post and it’s quite a bit of money I have in my account

    thank you guys. Means a lot

  • Hi Power89, sorry to hear about your experience,

    You can fill out and submit the complaint form https://www.bookmakersreview.com/player-complaints/ and we will try to assist you.


    • Thank you.

      I just sent it over now to you.

      appreicate it


      • BMR?? What has happened on this one. Had nothing back. This company need taking down immediately !!!!


        • Man, where did you even find them, it's obviously a scam... Better to avoid these low rating companies and use more reliable sources in the industry. It never goes well when you use such low-rating companies. Once one of my friends used such a company and it cost him a nice property in Cannes... I hate these kinds of scammers.


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