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  • Experience bookmaker Adkinsbet.com

    I just wanted to share my experience on Adkinsbet.com
    Their site looks decent, with many live games, which I only prefer to bet on. The faster the action, the better
    I made a deposit from 100 mBTC (around 2500 EUR). Placed few bets, won some money and decided to withdraw the total amount of 150 mBTC.
    The withdrawal took about 5 hours. I do not know if this is acceptable or not? You would expect nowadays that withdrawals will be processed sooner?
    Only thing is that they accept only crypto currency as far as I saw.

  • not registered with gambling commission


    • They are registered actually, but some countries are restricted and then you will see another page. from which country did you try it? I live in Poland and visit the license without any problems


      • from uk would not get involved with any company not registered with uk gambling commission


        • Hello,

          I thought it would be fair to share my experience. With this bookmaker you can choose different currencies if you register your own. Euro, USD, GBP and mBTC. Since it is a cryptocurrency bookmaker, I chose the mBTC. Started at about 300mBTC. Converted something like 6000 EUR. First payout was not that fast. That took an hour or 6. That involved an amount of 1000 eur. After that I had another 1500 eur paid out and that went a lot faster: within 2 hours on my bitcoin wallet. I am still playing and will wait a while until I request another payout. Positive that the platform is very fast and requires little or no loading time. That way you can easily and quickly switch between events.


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