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  • Coral self exclusion issue GameStop

    Hello guys am writing to know your point of view about an issue regarding Gambling with Coral. I have already raised the issue with this organisation and it has not been resolved to my satisfaction. I have a self exclusion with coral from the 25/01/2018 , exclusion that they confirm to me in live chat, self exclusion that will expire on the 25/01/23, plus I have a national self exclusion in place with GameStop, but that aswell will expire on 2023. I admit to have gambling problem , and on the 26/12/2020 I opened a coral account online, using a mail a number different from the one present on GameStop,becouse i change them with time but the things is that before that I made a deposit of 400£ with a **** card, coral ask me to verify myidentity, and becouse of this I send over my passport and my bank statment like prove of adress ( same adress present on the GameStop self exclusion) , and after they verify my account with the documents that I send I made the deposit of 400£ , I placed a bet and I lost this 400£. I ask to them that becouse of my self exclusion they should refund to me the deposit that I made, I’ve seen that the House of Lords report took the view that winnings should stand and losses be refunded , but coral don’t want to refund me my deposit , becouse their terms and condition, now I wanna know your point of view. Thanks guys

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