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  • Coral froze account pending withdrawal

    Hello my name is shane
    About 5 day ago on Monday I set up an account with coral an online gambling app. I deposited that evening roughly 60 euro I lost 40 and on my final 20 euro I hit a perfect pai twice on blackjack and won 675 euro here's were the ordeal begins I decided to quit while I was ahead begun the process of withdrawing my money I then was asked for documents to verify my account. I sent off everything and continued using my account. I also withdrew the 675 to PayPal which siad pending. The following morning I tried logging in to my coral account and a banner appeared stating your account has been closed contact customer service I siad ffs its happening there going to steal this money

    There phone service is down I rand GVC in gibrater they couldn't help there live chat is joke they just say the team is reviewing it. During a conversation I siad to the live chat person I badly needed the money.
    2 days later I receive an email stating that the team have reviewed your account and siad that during a conversation with or live chat worker you made a comment that led us to believe we need to exclude you from your account. To which I was baffled if I had continued to deposit and lose money would have siad nothing but because I won your trying to fraudulently keep my money and not pay out
    So now its been a week and I still can't access my account I still haven't received any money into my PayPal I'm so pissed
    Has anyone had a similar experience and could anyone recommend anything
    P. S I have a picture of my withdrawal with reference number and picture of my conversation with live chat and I've saved all my correspondence over email

  • Hi Shaeeh1994,

    Please fill out the BMR complaint form and we will try to help you - https://www.bookmakersreview.com/player-complaints/


    • I’ve had the same mate bloody joke did you get your money


      • Now I know which bookmaker I should avoid


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        William Hill