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  • Parimatch = scam = black list

    This site is dishonest. They do not pay withdrawals. The site is SCAM and stole 770.00 USD from me for no reason. PARIMATCH = SCAM = BLACK LIST

    I spent more than 1 month playing on this site, made several deposits, made more than a thousand selected bets

    My account was already verified, the website had all my documents, identity card, driver's license, deposit slips, selfie holding document in hand close to the face, everything verified

    The moment I wished to make a small withdrawal, the website placed my maximum limit to bet 0.00. I was unable to play

    And now, when I log into my account, I see that the site has removed all of my balance, approximately 770.00 USD (4404.96 in my local currency)

    This is very unfair and dishonest. PariMatch is a scam and I don't recommend it to anyone. Whoever profits will have all the money removed

    As long as you are losing and depositing more, nothing happens. But if they win, they will act and steal your money


  • While I was making deposits and losting my money, playing and losting, all was fine in my account, all full verified and without restritions:

    But, when I had some profits in good days and resolved to do a withdrawal part of my balance, all changed, they unverified my account and stole my full balance, approximately 770.00 USD (4404.96 in my local currency). But I done a screenshot of my member area as verified, as evidence above. Then yesterday when I tried to withdraw, they changed my bet maximum for 0,00 amount, I was unable to bet and play there, and my new status member area docs:


    • Well done for taking the screenshots.


      • Hi, friends, good evening

        This casino company is dishonest. While I was losting my money with my deposits, nothing happened with my account, it was verified and I did can to play normally

        But, when I had success in some plays, this scam company unverified my account, cancelled my winnings and spoke me for to withdraw only my deposits amounts

        This sounds bad. I want my account reopened and my money. I won playing honestly for long time, long days and weeks playing there

        If I am not more welcome for Parimatch, it's ok, you have this in rules. but what I cannot to accept happy is you to stole my money which I won playing honestly with my deposits

        If you not wish I playing on your company, at least you must to pay my full balance, my honest winnings, the amount aproximatelly 770.00 USD (4404.96 in my local currency of account) to my method payment Neteller

        I am waiting a resolution and my money in my ewallet. Be honest with me and honour the fair play in the gambling


        • Hello mate did you get your money now , they have also done the same with me now


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