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  • Mic1222
    started a topic Betcity blocked my account for almost a week now

    Betcity blocked my account for almost a week now

    Have done all they asked me to do, have sent all documents I have to them, but they keep saying "verification in progress" please somebody help please.
    Am even thinking of doing something stupid right now because all I have is in the account $167 and that's alot when convert to Naira.
    Somebody help me out please.

  • vujo
    I had the same situation with Betcity few months ago...they keep my account blocked for exactly 2 months

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  • Terryco
    When we talk RUSSIAN bookies here, everyone scared shitless of the clusterfuk that 1xBet has been. All books need to be vetted but i can recommend them.
    that is why I would recommend you to check out the best gambling website https://1xbet.ca/ where you can find all the information about most reliable bookies around web.
    Last edited by Terryco; 07-13-2020, 11:46 AM.

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  • BMR_Brad
    Did they approve you?

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  • quincunx
    Some firms are probably running a skeleton staff to economise in the current crisis.Give them a few more days,then if there's still no joy try the complaints button on the right of this page.

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