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  • Betway Withdrawal frozen, but got an offer?!

    Well i will explain from the beginning and go you then please advice ?

    I signed up with betway in january 2019. Then i deposited 10.000 euro on the account. I made a bet on 6 markets on 1 particular match and eventually i guessed the right score. However the bet was not paid out and still open. After that i deposited 2 times 10.000 to play since the other bet was settled. However i then decided to withdraw due to the betting limits on the account. Then my account was blocked and i was asked for a proof of funds. And the withdrawal was withheld.

    So i provided all information and it took several months after my source of funds where accepted since i could clarify my funds. Then i got the reply that the bet is still in review. This is over a year now.

    So today i got the call from the betway and they said they regret the situation and would like to pay the all time deposits back because they dont know how long the investigation is going to last and since the proof of funds process took way to long. Since i had to sent everything twice and everytime i was asked more, but i delivered since i know its all legal money.

    But this seems really fishy to me, why would they pay me a part of the amount?

    Note: i have to decide within 2 days if i take the offer.

    I asked to process my withdrawal of 20.000 and leave the open bets, till there is a outcome of the review. I was told that this is not possible. However i dont see much difference in the option they gave me.

    Another bookie informed me that 99.99 percent there is no investigation/review ongoing on the match

    Please help me. The basically say take 30k or wait max 5 years for your 48k. What to do?

    Kind regards

  • I'd accept the offer - only because of the economic situation right now regarding betting companies and the lack of sport to bet on.I've no idea what Betway's finances are like.They seem to have stopped advertising in the UK -at least I haven't noticed their ads very recently.


    • I stopped gambling so i wont bet anymore. But it is a won bet an leaving 18k is a lot i think?

      Dont understand why they wouldnt pay me 20 k which i did not play with.

      You have a point about the economic situation though.


      • 18k is a lot,but it is 'only' 37.5% of 48k.By not accepting their offer,you'd be risking 30k to win 18k that you'll eventually get all of the money from them.Your leverage for that is their good name - but google betway,click on news and you will see that they were recently fined by the gambling commission.
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        • Update: dispute manager arranged the payout of 20k. Now went to ecogra for the other part.


          • Thanks for keeping us in the loop,Rezagoelam !


            • Ecogra said that a 3rd party is investigating this match. The match was on january 2019. What should i do now?


              • This is really tricky situation. In this case, you can only wait and pray for the best outcome which I really hope will happen.
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                • Do you know if there is a max for an investigation?

                  I bet 10K on a particular outcome. Luckily for me it was the right one.

                  i played under/over, exact score, exact games. All placed with a score in mind. The match was in de second set (tennis) and it was 4-2 i betted on 6-2 because. It was a all or nothing shot.


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