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  • Neteller Closed, Stucked to Get Money out of Bet365

    Neteller is Wrongly Using their market Leading Role. I have Deposited to Bet365 Using Neteller, After Few Days Neteller has Closed my Account, Without any Question being Asked, Without any Document being Required to show. My Account was Verified. After my Neteller Account Was closed i got into More trouble because my Money was in bet365 and they told me i can only get the Money through either Neteller or bank Wire. Unfortunately My Country Doesn't allow any Gambling sites to send Money or Take Money. After all these, i still tried to Recieve a Small Amount in my Bank, and the Fund was Blocked. And My bank also other banks told me that these type of Money will not be allowed to be Credited. My Only Option was to get the Money into Another Neteller Account. But Bet365 is Not Providing me Support On this.
    What can i do now?

  • You need to talk to Neteller,get correspondence from them,and show it to Bet365. Neteller should at least supply some reason for having closed your account.If they won't,use the complaint form on the right of this page.
    Point out to Neteller that you were relying on their confirmation that your account was verified when using the account to pay money to a bookmaker,and that they must be aware by now that bookmakers prefer to pay money back to the source from which it came.They also benefit through commission from bookmakers when you pay those bookmakers through Neteller.
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    • Thanks for the Reply. I have Emailed Neteller Few times, I talked to them Few times over the Phone. Only thing they repeatedly told me that their Decission is Final and My Account will remain Closed. And they Didn't even give me a Reason Why My Account Was Closed. Is there any way i can get in touch with someone in authorities who can help me get out of this Situation>


      • Hi JK70. I'm afraid Neteller have the right to close your account.Guessing you probably triggered some sort of red flag with something you did,and they won't tell you more as that would give away too much about their security.
        If you did manage to open another Neteller account,Neteller would probably close it if they found out it was the same person whose account they closed earlier.Bet365 will have published their payment methods and rules in their terms and conditions,and they will stick to those for security and to prevent moneylaundering.It isn't their fault that Neteller closed your account,or that your country won't permit bank transfers from bookmakers.So I can't think of a way to help you.
        A while back,Neteller got fined very heavily by the authorities in the USA,so it is understandable that they are anxious to stick to regulations now.I know that does not help you - sorry.


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