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  • U close your account but they re open for encourage u to bet again !


    15 days ago, i asked to dafabet to close my account, coz i want stop to deposit and control myself

    In conditions there is ""If you feel your gambling is getting out of control and you would like some play limitations, please contact our friendly Customer Support team who can advise you on available options."

    So i asked to close my account, for control myself, but they make a mistake and didn t close my account, so they encourage me to bet again.

    There are apologies for the mistake and want give me Freebet 300thb, but i asked all deposit since they don t close my account. They recognise their mistake but don t want assume it. With my lawyer, we have all discussion, so we will file complaints for damages and loss.

    Coz of course i deposit by myself, but if i asked to close my account is for that, for control myself, but they didn t close my account, and encourage me to deposit, so sure they win, don t they don t want assume their mistake.

    I'll don't abandon like that.

  • Ouch not good that they opened it...


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