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  • 1xbit scam stole me 25,000€


    My 1xbit gaming account number is- xxxxxxxxx

    I played in last Saturday (04/01/2020) in web site 1xbit.com on one volleyball game from spain superliga

    I made deposit of around 4,000€ and I placed 2 bets with 4,000€ and I won the 2 bets on odds around 6.50

    And then 1 minute instant after I won my bets then 1xbit blocked my betting account and stopped to provide me service, and refuse to pay me my money.

    Once i asked them in email what happened then they respond me this reply:

    Good Day. We want to inform you, that our company decided to stop any collaboration with you (closing your account). The decision was made after a careful investigation of the situation by our security service. The decision is based on a violation of the Terms and Conditions.

    After this I sent them around 4 emails to ask what happen with my balance in my betting account, but this web site refuse to respond me in email anymore and once I contact them in live chat then they respond me that I can get answers only via emails (where they ignore my emails).

    I have nobody to talk there, they just ignore all emails i send to- security@1x-bit.com

    I have balance there of around 25,500€ value (including 4,000€ deposit).
    It's looks like 1xbit is total scam of web site who operate in order to steal monies from pepole.

    I will be happy if you can help me to release my money from there.

    Thank you.
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  • Hi, that is a very distressing problem to have with a bookmaker like this.

    I would like to be able to give you some positive hopeful words but 1xbit has become well known for treating people like this and refusing to discuss it with anyone.

    You are welcome to submit our complaint form and we can at least try for you though https://www.bookmakersreview.com/player-complaints/


    • Hey, guys, yeah, I've seen your friend complain, and I've been through the same thing. Unfortunately,all betting companies like 1xbit,betwiner,1xbet,megapari,22bet, doublebet are the same and are fraudulent. I've researched the subject a lot as a client. I lost 1 match in my system coupon and told them that they were making incomplete payments using the betting coupon calculator. They said No, they said We paid your coupon properly. That's not what the calculator says. I lost only one match in my 14.98 consistent coupon I played 15 games with 10 systems they paid me 6.66. But he had to pay me 10. Long story short yes scammers never play sites that use this infrastructure. My long-running research has shown that these sites are licensed as forgeries!

      The sites that use this infrastructure are fraudulent. I can send evidence to anyone who wants it. Please take these sites into the scam category.


      • What infrastructure,userrrname ? If companies consistently offer above-market odds with little or no profit margin,then they can't afford to pay out.


        • No, you got it wrong. I suggest that all the sites that use this site infrastructure are crooks. So for sure all the sites that use this site infrastructure are scammers. Look, I'll prove it, it's not a joke! You see the example your man confiscated € 25,000. No campaign status. You can't get right. So you can't withdraw the money you bet and bet on yourself. My point is that payments on sites like this are faulty and incomplete. The Site denies it, but there are thousands of victims like me. You can search for. I'm really saying these sites are scams. I can offer any kind of evidence. You don't have to be a middleman. The Site is not responsible in any way. I sent an e-mail to his licensing company. He'll probably say the site doesn't have a license. I'll send you the answer.
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          • 1xbet and cascade infrastructure fraud(proven))

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            • 1xbet and cascade infrastructure fraud(proven))



              • Is there a site where someone gives me a corner bet ?

                Because all of these cascade infrastructure sites are crooks

                The website Bille, which the site says is licensed, is fake..


                • I think the most terrible problem of betting industry is, they can buy popularity. 1xBet does lots of advertising and buy reviews on websites. Then they are able to run a no-loss business : serve losing customers well and void all winnings, delay withdrawals of winning customers.


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