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  • LinVi
    started a topic Gambling refund

    Gambling refund

    Hello, my story is pretty short, I have lost over 2k$ on a site called loot.bet I have asked for self exclusion because I have a massive problem and they did as I asked to so they banned my account. But later on I have asked them to reopen my account and they did but they said I will never get my account back.Is there a way to get a refund?
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  • BMR Admin
    Hi, please fill out this complaint form and we will look into this for you.

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  • LinVi
    I have convinced live chat, so they gave me an email which is their higher managment.
    This is what I sent to them:
    "Hello I was given this email by your employees so you can review my case.
    So I was gambling a lot on loot.bet and lost a lot of money so I asked support for self exclusion and they banned me as intended(they said my account will never be reopened ). But a day later I have asked support to reopen my account and they did, I lost even more money and I have asked for a full refund because my account got reopened even tho I was excluded(banned) from the site.
    I don't know if loot.bet fully understands the rules of self exclusion but it is a serious breach of your license if you let self excluded people gamble.

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