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  • Grosvener Casino Technical Issues With Login

    For months since Grosvener casino updated their website they have had an ongoing unresolved technical issue.

    They are aware of this and say they are working to fix it, so far with no success.

    Customers with numbers as their username can no longer access their accounts. As they are typing in their username the technical error in the software converts their username to a membership number so they are unable to login.

    They said to me 10 days ago they will change my username to solve the problem. Unfortunately they didn’t manage to change it despite being chased up.

    So I like many other Grosvener casino customers are locked out of their accounts. Despite their efforts in the past few months they have not found a solution to this problem.

  • What a strange problem.

    Do you have money stuck in there?


    • No I don't have money stuck there, I requested a withdrawal on live chat and they sent me my money the same day.


      • That's a positive at least.

        I guess you have asked if they can shut your account and let you just create a new one?


        • The solution they offered me was to choose a new username and they would send it off to be changed. I chose a new username 12 days ago and they said they would change it within 5 days but I'm still waiting.


          • Did this get resolved? What happened?


            • Yes it was all successfully resolved and my account credited £10 as a goodwill gesture.


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