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  • Betfair, bet365....high stakes and limitations??


    As a newbie to online sportsbetting, I´m wondering whether Betfair sportsbook (not the exchange!) and Bet365 accept fairly high bets, 700-800EUR/game, in the long run or will ultimately limit me??

    In addition, what other bookies (except Pinnacle) would you recommend that don´t limit and accept high stakes? Could ps3838.com be one of them perhaps?


  • Never heard of ps.3838.com.Bet365 eventually limited me to under 10 pounds - after guving me a good run first [all several years ago].Betfair Sportsbook are now limiting me to just a few pounds for future events,about fifty to a hundred for less popular current events.Betfair may not be limiting me for popular current events where they can hedge.


    • ps3838 is an agent site that is just the same as Pinnacle, but you need to join via a broker and you dont have a direct relationship with the book.

      Bookmaker.eu and betonline.ag are about the next best after Pinnacle when it comes to having large limits and not limiting winners fast.

      There really is not any other real options in that area without going the Asian bet broker route.


      • BMR_Brad


        A question, though: is there any difference in terms of quality of service, juice, odds etc. between Asian and "Western" bookies? Who would you recommend Asian bookies to and for what reason?


        • Pinnacle and Asian bookies tend to offer the lowest margins/juice on their Asian handicaps on soccer/football matches.Pinnacle tend to offer the lowest margins on tennis,although they have less competition there.To my knowledge,Asian bookies tend not to offer horse racing.Top European bookies tend to offer earlier betting and more markets.I would recommend Asian bookies/Pinnacle to people who win or use odds comparison websites.


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