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  • 1xbet made most savage move ever

    For a few days, I was betting on the IHF Men's Youth World Championship games, as well as on the FIBA U16 European Championship games. I had a lot of winnings, as well as losses, but in a few days I made a significant amount of money: about 9,700 EUR (I have a screenshot as proof as well as the whole bet history). One day I was betting on basketball all day, and at one point I noticed that my account balance had dropped from 9,700 to 7,500 EUR. When I entered bet history I saw that the bookmaker changed my winning odds retroactively, a few hours later (so the games were already completed and paid a few hours before). They reduced the odds of 1.9 and 1.8 to 1.2 and 1.1 and directly damaged me by an amount of 2,200 EUR. Few hours later I logged into my account with the intention of sending an mail and asking what happened with my money and whether the change in odds was legal , but then I saw that my balance was 31 EUR. I didn't understand what happened, I thought it was an error in the system so I opened my bet history and saw that someone was betting from my account and spent all the money on the last game of that day that was playing in the European Championship I mentioned earlier. Apparently someone was putting stakes from 300 EUR to 500 EUR, and thus lost all the money I had earned up to that point. To make things weirder, the bet maximum at that championship was 15EUR for the last 2 days when I did the bets. How is it possible for anyone to access my account and place bets that are 15 to 33 times higher than the bet maximum?When I contacted 1xbet they just sent me a list of unrealistic requests that I supposedly have to fulfill in order to get any kind of reply, just like the company approved them gambling license. I have to mention that every single game was live brodcasted on youtube.

  • This is the second report of claimed phantom losing bets at 1xbet in the last 2 weeks.

    I have never heard of it before with them.

    If you send in a complaint form we can try to help you.


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