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  • List of bookmaker shops closing?

    Hi all. Just interested in a regional survey. Trying to find out which bookmakers are closing due to new slots rules.Any help with any info would be helpful Also interested in any current bookmakers staff. And your views on this issue. Thanks

  • A quarter of UK betting shops could close, with 12,000 jobs at risk

    A quarter of betting shops on UK high streets have been slated for closure, putting 12,000 jobs at risk, with William Hill the latest bookmaker to blame job cuts on stricter regulation
    William Hill said on Thursday that it could close 700 high-street shops, putting 4,500 jobs under threat.

    The Ladbrokes owner, GVC, has already said 900 shops could close, threatening 5,000 staff, while Betfred has predicted up to 500 closures, which would reduce its headcount by 2,500.

    The combined total of 2,100 shops represents 25% of the UK’s 8,423 bricks-and-mortar bookmakers, potentially affecting up to 12,500 staff, or nearly 12% of people employed in the UK gambling industry.

    “The closures shouldn’t only be blamed on stake changes though – that would be too simplistic.

    “There has been consolidation within the industry and a drive from the bookmakers themselves to less costly online gambling for some time now and mass closures were predicted in the industry-funded KPMG report, even without stake reductions.”

    Industry statistics indicate that gambling firms’ high-street betting empires were in decline before the stake cut, as more and more punters switch to online gambling brands, often owned by the same businesses.

    Income from racecourse and bookmaker betting fell from £3.3bn in April 2015 to £3.2bn in September 2018, according to regulator the Gambling Commission. During the same period, online betting income jumped from £4.2bn to £5.6bn.

    A survey by YouGov indicates that online gambling is now more popular, with 13% of people admitting to placing a bet on the internet in the past year, compared to 11% at an event or in a bookmaker’s shop.

    While GVC, William Hill and Betfred have all said they expect shop closures and job losses as a result of the FOBT restrictions, Paddy Power Betfair, which recently changed its name to Flutter Entertainment, has said it expects to see no impact.

    Tom Blenkinsop, operations director at the betting shop workers union, Community, called on William Hill to do everything it could to minimise redundancies and find alternatives where possible.

    “The government also has a role to play and must look at what support they can offer to workers whose jobs are threatened as a consequence of changes to the law around FOBTs,” he said.

    “Betting shops provide an important source of local employment and many of our members have served the company loyally for years. Workers don’t deserve to be the victims of the changes happening in the industry as a result of either government policy or the significant shift towards online gambling.”


    • Originally posted by Blabbmiester View Post
      Hi all. Just interested in a regional survey. Trying to find out which bookmakers are closing due to new slots rules.Any help with any info would be helpful Also interested in any current bookmakers staff. And your views on this issue. Thanks
      Welcome Blabbmiester...There are many changes now in the industry that are affecting the gaming sector overall. Not just in the UK.

      Good to see you on BMR!! We have all of your up to the minute gaming information here..


      • Grateful. For the welcome. And to you Tart. for your piece. I am looking for name of shops. Towns. And counties please we are to do an indepth survey and give to the government. Loss of jobs. Highlighted in worst affected number of shops in certain areas that we can be certain of. We have contacted the big 4.asking for the shops affected. Guess what no response. Come all you shop employees shed some light. And please tell us your views and how much your betting company is helping you relocate or not. We have on first hand evedience. That in some cases staff are only giving one weeks notice... So punters alike find out from your betting shops. Any closures nearby. Thank you blabbmiester


        • t least 1,600 betting shops face closure after William Hill said it would slash its store estate by a third, with the jobs of close to 10,000 people at risk.

          The bookmaker said on Thursday it would shut about 700 betting shops across the UK, putting 4,500 jobs at risk in a "devastating" blow to workers.

          GVC, the owner of Ladbrokes and Coral, plans to close up to 900 shops in a move that would affect up to 5,000 jobs. It gave the revised figures on Thursday, which are slightly lower than its previous forecast of 1,000 closures and 6,000 redundancies.


          • Thank you Soccer Star. Great imput. Any shops that you know of closing? . Seems the midlands is being hit hard.. With the info we have collated.


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