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  • Is Stakers playing/cheating me like a fool?

    I withdraw 710 euros and 800 euros from Stakers, and after that they started giving me hard times with extended KYC.

    I signed up with Stakers last November, and completed my original KYC then. There was no problem, everything was smooth. I made some deposits, withdrew some winnings and there was no problem at all.

    I have a monthly deposit limit set to my account.

    This April I made another deposit and started winning pretty well. I first made a withdrawal of 710 euros, played with the money I had left and managed to make another withdrawal of 800 euros.

    These withdrawals were processed for very long, and then I got an email saying that I have been selected for a detailed KYC procedure. I was meant to send them a scan of my passport, scan of my utility bill, digital picture of me holding my passport and also a digital picture of me holding a sheet of paper with word Stakers on it.

    They also locked my Stakers account.

    I sent them what they required, and nothing happened for a while. Few days later I asked them about the situation and I received an email saying that they had received the documents and they try to get back to me in 72 hours.

    Nothing happened in 72 hours, so I asked them again about my KYC.

    Now they asked me to send them bank statement for my credit card for the last 3 months and the same for my Skrill account.

    Again nothing happened for few days until I asked them about the situation with KYC. And again I got an email saying that they had received the documents and they try to get back to me in 72 hours.

    After 4 days they asked me more documents. This time I have to send them a proof to establish my source of wealth, payslip, letter from employer or letter from a solicitor confirming the sale of property. This is to check that I'm not a terrorist or laundering money. And I'm just a regular middle aged guy from Finland, who likes to gamble a bit.

    Is this necessary what Stakers is doing with me? Or are they trying to wear my out so I just leave it and they can keep the money?

  • hmmm very possible they are SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW paying you in hope3s you give up. Then again maybe they just have poor customer service? What did BMR say?


    • Your not alone here, I also have this exact pattern with Stakers at the moment.
      Locked out/Account closed right after making a withdrawal and email stated i was randomly selected for Extended KYC....Same 4 day waits between corrospondance, I'm on the 10th day now so i assume ill be asked for the payslips next.
      Weird as i havnt had any issues at Stakers up until now.


      • Yes everything has been very smooth with Stakers up until now. I'm a bit worried that they are going belly up, and at some point they will completely stop paying out anything. I just sent them proof for my source of wealth, and I'm worried that this might become a problem as I'm self-employed.


        • I was very impressed with Stakers, for a site i had not heard of it looked like a lot of effort was put into the sites design.
          Also its very rare to have a sportsbetting site that incorporates such a good selections of slots/table games.
          Like you i also had no issues here up until last week, definitely something funny going on.
          Well i am not working at the moment so i have no source of wealth, but the last time i checked there was no law against gambling if you didn't have a job!


          • Here is what Stakers have told BMR about what is going on.

            "Following UKGC recommendations earlier this year there was a few changes in our standard procedures, which led to more detailed checks on certain individuals, as a result of their gambling activity. Stakers systems flagged a number of high-risk accounts requiring more extensive KYC, confirmation of Source of Funds and Source of Wealth depending on the alert triggered."


            • Finally today Stakers approved my SoW documents and that completed the extended KYC. After that it took only less than an hour for the withdrawal to arrive to my Skrill acc.
              This has been very strange.
              Thank you BMR, without people like you us gamblers/bettors would be very vulnerable.


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