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  • Stakers - Source of Wealth check only applys to employed people

    As has been complained about before I have had many problems with Stakers and my account has been closed for over 3 weeks. I have had the usual ridiculous KYC checks they put you through and have now asked for a source of wealth check where they only accept Wage slips and tax returns. I have been a professional poker player for 10 years therefore do not have a salary and don't pay tax. I have offered savings accounts, brick and mortar casino accounts, anything I can think of but they always come back demanding wage slips.

    No sure where to proceed from here, have contacted IBAS and GC but they have offered little help so far.

    I have also had the problem with cancelled bets as others have stated, I had one bet cancelled a week after my account was closed and have roughtly £1,000 in my account with no access to it.

    Any advise greatly appriciated.

  • Hi Invertible, welcome to BMR forum and thank you for sharing your experience with the board.

    Any reason why they close your account?


    • They lock the accounts of customers while they carry out their KYC checks. I had a big bet that came in, I'm guessing this is what triggered it


      • But they try to contact them and confirm for the real reason?

        You can file the BMR complaint form and we will try to assist you in this matter - https://www.bookmakersreview.com/player-complaints/


        • They don't answer any questions directly, they only make requests and reply's are slow. I have asked why my bet was voided, this was ignored. I have asked what I can send in for SoW other that proof of earnings in 4 emails, they didn't answer the question and just resend the email asking for a wage slip all 4 times. I get 2 replies a week so at this point have given up.

          I will fill out the form, hope I can get this sorted.


          • weak...this seems to be common these days for this book. What is going here? They bankrupt?


            • I'm sorry, but I would like to hear your comments from all of you.


              • Definitely something odd going on at this book, like others it seemed a good site, no issues with deposits and withdrawals until the last month.


                • Something is wrong about this situation. Why would they behave this way? I am going to look more into this. Always thought they were an ok book not sure now...


                  • Invertible was approved and has access to their account/money again.

                    Here is Staker's explanation for their recent actions;

                    "Following UKGC recommendations earlier this year there was a few changes in our standard procedures, which led to more detailed checks on certain individuals, as a result of their gambling activity. Stakers systems flagged a number of high-risk accounts requiring more extensive KYC, confirmation of Source of Funds and Source of Wealth depending on the alert triggered."


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