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  • Bigbetworld.com pernding withdrawal&they dont answer at emails-chat-tel.

    Hello. i am new at this forum, and i register today because i think that may be forum can helps me.
    I have a pending withdrawal 580€ at bigbetworld.com https://prnt.sc/mwg716
    And 709 eur balance + an open bet 250 eur at champions league game 2 days later.

    I did withdrawal request 580€ 7 days ago, via Neteller.And 1 second later i got email from bigbetworld system, that my withdrawal 580€ has been created successfully and will be reviewed by financial department.

    The problem is that they do not answer me at chat. https://prnt.sc/mwg7a2
    Also they do not answer at emails, and at telephone.
    I have had sent them 4 emails. Always i got answer from Yahoo system:

    "Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
    The email account that you tried to reach is disabled. " https://prnt.sc/mwg3c2

    Also i was trying to call them at telephone, but no one answer at tel. numbers who they have at website https://prnt.sc/mwg7fp

    Can forum helps me? And does someone player here knows what is happens with bigbetworld?

    P.S. My account is verified, they have had accepts my documants 2 months ago when i register.
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  • Hi mx5nc, try to submit a compaint https://www.bookmakersreview.com/player-complaints/ and we will try to help you.


    • Hi BMR Sandy. Ok i will submit a compaint. Thank you for help.
      I think that is strangeness this who happens with this bookmaker. I try to find at google search , also cases of other bettors at this bookmaker, but i did not find something. I think that and other players have the same problem with me, because bigbetworld support dont answer at chat and if i sent email, then yahoo system answer me that the email address of Bigbetworld is not valid.And also they dont answer at tel.numbers.


      • Hello. Some minutes ago i speak with neteller support, i asked them to trying to learn what is happens with bigbetworld.
        Neteller asked me my withdrawal request ID and IDs of my deposits. They told me that.

        "We will check the payments and will try to get in touch with the merchant. Once we have more information on the case we will contact you back to confirm what has happened."

        Neteller told my lets hope that it is just a technical issue


        • Any update here..I heard these guys are a solid company


          • Their email server, administered by Google, has suspended their account and they have not set up a new one.

            Their live support does not respond.

            Both their published phone numbers ring, answer and nothing happens.

            Their licencor, the Malta Gaming Authority, says they are trying to contact them.

            It does not look good.


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              • Did he even fill out a complaint form...


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