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  • Betconnect -anyone tried it ? Reservations

    The betconnect platform aims to match 'pros' with 'punters'.Punters have the option of matching bets from pros or following them.My early take is that the system- if it works as it says it does - is too heavily weighted against the 'pros'.
    The odds that the pros are requesting have to be generally available from traditional bookies.
    The pros have to pay commission.
    The punters have 15 minutes to decide whether to accept the pros' bets.During that period,the offer would be a sitting duck - it could become attractive to match if the odds drifted out in the market.
    Has anyone actually tried it yet ?
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  • Maybe I misunderstand something but it seems to just be a weird way to pay for tout tips to me.

    Punters bet against the tip as a way to buy the tip and then bet on it elsewhere?


    • Hi,Brad.The punter has the choice of whether to 'follow' the tip and back it,or to lay it.If they lay it,they pay no commission.If they 'follow' it,perhaps they do - I am still trying to wade through betconnect's rules.I suppose that's their way of balancing things up and generating more money on the 'pro' side - only why would you pay commission on a bet if the odds were generally available commission-free ? I suppose you might place a small bet occasionally just to keep receiving the tips.
      I think the idea is that they make their money from commission on people wanting to back the bets as pros or perhaps to follow them.The commission would have to be pretty low,though.The people who get accounts closed generally do it by cherry-picking the best odds - not those that are generally available.Also,if you decided to follow the tip,you'd want to know whether your bet had been matched quickly - not wait 15 minutes.
      My guess would be that they'll have to make being a 'pro' or following bets more attractive due to the 15 minutes during which you're there to be shot at.So they might have to charge a small commission on laying the bets,or on people's long term profits.
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      • The video explanation I watched, for a "punter", suggested if they like a pick, they should bet against the pro on Betconnect and then bet the other way for more money at another book to make their profit.

        I think the main point, for "punters", is if they are the type to pay for tips then at least they know the person tipping is actually betting it themself.with real money.

        Your point about the negatives for pros make sense too. So I guess it is for pros who genuinely can't get their money down other ways. Seems like a lot of messing around for a genuine large bankroll pro as well.


        • I'm not totally convinced that the 'pros' are really pros - are they just anyone prepared to pay commission in order to get their bets matched on those terms ? There must be quite a few punters who have had their betting accounts closed for arbing or only betting at the best odds,but are not actually that skillful..After a while,some would randomly wind up with good records and people might try following them.Punters don't realise that it takes a lot of bets/results to differentiate skill from luck.
          In your example,I'd bet with the other bookie before laying on betconnect - because you'd want to be sure of getting on with the bookie,but you'd have the 15 minutes to play with on betconnect.That might make it work short term,but punters would get their accounts closed with bookies by looking for the best odds to arb with.
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          • I've just started using it for MB myself and quite impressed? 0% commission and so no qualification loss is a big plus although do appreciate I am ear;y in to using it so not aware of any of the drawbacks. I agree that many of the pros do not necessarily seem that great but not a bad thing for a punter?


            • Thanks,Steve123 :-


              • no worries I'll let you know if foresee any issues down the line


                • Betconnect is an exciting brand new betting wedge which is great in a similar method to a conventional betting exchange, except with extra advantages for matched bettors.

                  The concept for Betconnect was initially built to resolve the problem of pro gamblers not being ready to put bets at bookie charges as they had been restricted for one reason or perhaps some other. Betconnect solves that issue by permitting these positives to submit' bet requests' that are subsequently acknowledged by many other people who successfully serve as the bookie.

                  Although Betconnect is an answer for limited gamblers to put bets, it likewise offers a fascinating method for matched bettors to produce much more benefit by lowering qualifying losses to zero as well as allowing additional income to be produced from free bets.

                  How Betconnect works
                  Exactly how Betconnect works You will find 2 kinds of owners at Betconnect,' Pros' and' Punters' and you will be asked what of these you're when you purchase.

                  Pros - These consumers are restricted from bookmakers and can utilize Betconnect to ask for bets.

                  Punters - These subscribers are able to acknowledge the pros bets and action as the bookie. in case the advantages think wins, the punter spreads over the responsibility of course, if it manages to lose, the punter gets the worth of the professionals stake the same as a bookie would.

                  When working with Betconnect for matched betting applications, you will be acting like a punter so make sure you choose this choice when signing up.

                  After you have authorized as a punter, you are prepared to get your very first Bet Request from a pro. You will be notified via email when someone becomes readily available and you are able to just log into your bank account to determine what the option is.


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