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  • Need for alphabetical list

    BMR,is there any chance of bringing the alphabetical list back ? If we want punters to use the ratings,it would help to make that easier.
    Sorry,after writing that,I discovered that you can get an alphabetical list within each rating by clicking on the arrow to the right of sort by under ratings .That is better than having no alphabetical list,but is still harder to use than a pure alphabetical list with ratings beside each bookie.
    Last edited by quincunx; 11-24-2018, 11:58 AM.

  • Hi Quincunx, Yes, you can use the "Sort By" option to set the rating guide page https://www.bookmakersreview.com/betting-sites/ to Alphabetical order either from A-Z or Z-A. You can also use the sidebar filter for more options.


    • Hi Sandy.Yes,I know,but look at it this way..We have been having a go at punters for betting with 1xbet and because they are on the red list..A punter would only find that out about 1xbet quickly by clicking on red list.. If they tried clicking on ratings they would have to scroll down past 140 bookmakers to get to that.If they switched to alphabetical,that wouldn't help either,because it's only alphabetical within the rating,so it's still near the bottom of the page.
      What would be a lot better is a purely alphabetical list that came up as a heading to click on when you clicked on ratings,not when you click on the arrow to the right of sort by rating after you click on rating.


      • Thank you, quincunx. I'll refer your suggestion to the upper management for future consideration.


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