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  • Comparison of betting brokers

    Tried three so far - 123Soccerbrokers Asianconnect and Ibramarket.123Soccerbrokers do not inspire confidence with their website address - which is https://123soccerbrokers.com However,they have paid me out twice and allowed me to transfer money to my IBC account when I lost - all via moneybookers.They offer SBObet and IBC bet.I haven't asked them about any other bookies other than 188bet - which no one seems to offer.
    Asianconnect offer a wide choice of bookies - IBC,SBObet,Singbet,ISN,CMD,Eastern Dynasty.I already had an IBC and an SBO account when I contacted them.They opened a Singbet account for me.They let me have one commission - free deposit via Moneybookers.I made one successful withdrawal and they charged me 1%.However,their conversion rate from Euros to pounds Sterling was poorer than 123Soccerbrokers' rate - although still a bit better than Moneybookers' rate after their 3% charge.
    Ibramarket offer Pinnacle and SBObet off the same platform.This can be worth it when you are trying to get the best odds in fast-moving markets.However,they weren't offering Moneybookers last time I checked -except through a director but that proved expensive in conversion charges.They say they plan to offer moneybookers,and they do offer deposits and withdrawals by bank transfer.
    I haven't tried Premium Tradings yet.

  • Do you need a rather large minimum bet with these brokers?
    The only other one I can see that you have not look at it bet-7 sports.


    • No - the minimum bet size is controlled by the bookmakers' sites - not the brokers.I don't know whether the brokers might dislike a really small deposit.


      • Have you tried sportmarket.com, bet-football.com or betinasia.com?
        Friend of mine is using betinasia and they look ok...


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