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  • Conor McGregor: Can UFC fighter return with win against Khabib Nurmagomedov?

    Little more than a year ago in Las Vegas, Conor McGregor banked $100m (£76m) to co-star in a pay-per-view sporting event he had little chance of winning.

    The biggest pay day of his career was served up in a boxing ring,in what was always going to be win-win for the mixed martial artist.
    In making his boxing debut against one of the greatest pugilists of a generation, there was no pressure on the shoulders of a man who states that the sport is one fifth of his fighting arsenal.

    Ultimately, the event proved he had no business being in the ring with 'Money', but that doesn't mean it was a failure for the Irishman. Far from it.

    McGregor, with the swagger and bravado of a true showman, more than held his own in the multi-city media tour before the fight. And he showed heart and determination to survive 10 rounds before finally being stopped on his feet. Mission accomplished.

  • I'm rooting for McGregor in this fight.

    Khabib needs a reality check.


    • Mac wins this one


      • I'll be ordering this card.

        First one in some time.


        • Conor McGregor suspended from UFC on medical grounds


          • When i saw "medical suspension" the first thing i thought of was steroids.

            Surprised me because it wouldnt doubt that khabib is the one actually taking enhancements.

            But then i read the explanation for the 'suspension' & it makes sense.


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