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  • Self Excluded but allowed new account

    Hello everyone,

    I have had an account with Coral which I self excluded from in 2015 to prevent any more losses. Over the weekend I was unsure if I had self excluded from Coral and signed up again. This was using a different card as the old one expired and a different email and probably a different address due to moving. Same name and DOB. I was allowed to deposit numerous times without them verifying my ID. Do I have a case for getting my deposits refunded as I shouldn't have been allowed to open an account due to the prior self exclusion?

    Thanks in advance

  • Nice try there Valencia (wink wink)..seems you took a free shot at Coral here and there is no way you will see this deposit again. Scammers like you are not what books need. When you were allowed to deposit ...ever think about contacting them and reminding them you want to be Self EX??

    Poor attempt at trying to take a shot.


    • Sorry to hear about your experience, Valencia. But, under Coral T&C under Responsible gaming;

      " You circumvent Your self-exclusion agreement by (including but not limited to) (i) continuing to gamble; or (ii) by opening and operating new accounts; and/or (iii) automated checks and/or IT or software programmes fail to recognise any attempt by You to circumvent Your self-exclusion:
      (a) The Coral Group shall have no responsibility or liability to You or any third party and is therefore under no obligation to return any deposits, winnings, or other funds in respect of such activity online;"

      You can still try to submit the claim to their Governing law and Jurisdiction which is under the laws of England as stated in the T&C.


      • Thank you for contacting Coral Customer Support.
        I hope you are having a great day. My apologies if it took some time to respond to your email. I completely understand that you are concerned about the email you are always receiving. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

        I understand how important it is for you to know. Upon checking on your account its already self excluded. I do apologise it is stated in the Terms and Conditions that you agree upon signing up for Coral
        we are not accountable for your loses.

        This is the reply I received. I have asked for it to be taken to senior manager before I file a complaint. Any advice?


        • You say that you were unsure whether you had self-excluded from Coral, so why on earth didn't you check with them before opening a new account? You won't get your money back, nor should you.


          • Valencia give up pal. You are another one who knew what u were doing. You have no chance here. Best of luck. Try ripping another book off.


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