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  • Skybet

    Another case of letting me bet whilst I am self excluded. New account opened, they took my money then closed my account when they realised it was me.

    the name didn't even match my bank card name so why was this allowed !!!??

    now refusing to refund money even tho they admitted fault.

  • Hi Helen, welcome to BMR.

    Base on your statement "they took my money then closed my account", did you mean that you never have the chance to use your deposit to place a single wager?


    • No. I got some bets on. It was about an hour after opening the account in between me depositing money that they suddenly closed my account.


      • and how come they refuse to refund your initial deposit? what do they say exactly?


        • I opened the account in a different name but with my email address and my bank account the exact same as my suspended account.

          they are saying that cos it was a different name that they are not responsible even tho they said that no account name can be opened if the bank card name isn't the same. But it let me do it and took money before realising an hour later.

          this means that any name can be used and anyone's bank card in another name.
          There were no security checks that normally happen when mak8ng payments online.

          they have said they will not take no responsibility and will not be refunding any money.


          • Hi Helen,
            Please fill out a complaint form and we can assist you here.


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