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  • Colin Kaepernick: Nike suffers #justburnit backlash over advertising campaign

    Critics have burned Nike trainers and clothing in protest at Colin Kaepernick's appointment as the face of the brand's new advertising campaign.

    The American football quarterback, 30, protested against racial injustice and police brutality by kneeling during the US national anthem.

    ut opponents took to social media, promising to destroy Nike products.

    On Twitter, they hit out at the deal using the hashtag #JustBurnIt - a play on Nike's slogan 'Just Do It' - which trended on Twitter alongside #BoycottNike.

    According to social media analysis site Spredfast, there were more than 800 tweets using the hashtag #JustBurnIt in a matter of hours on Tuesday morning.

    Andrew H Scott, the mayor of Kentucky city Coal Run, said he was "officially done" with Nike and the NFL and asked Nike to cancel an order, while several videos showed Nike trainers being burned.

    Country singer John Rich tweeted a photo of a pair of Nike socks with the brand's swoosh logo cut off.

  • GreenAcres
    I didn't mind the ad at all. I had heard their stock rebounded yesterday and today so it seems Nike didn't take the hit that many were predicting.

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  • soccer star
    The ad is not that bad..if you look at it closely it is actually the world we live in now. Old days are long gone of a polished shinny endorsement person to sell your goods. Nowadays people love turmoil, controversy and the like.

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  • Mississippi Kid
    Kaepernick is a PUSSY!!!

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