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  • Onebet Is SCAM. Not paying 2500 euros. Stay away


    We have a fresh issue here. I registered in Onebet on 7th of August. I deposited, bet and won. I also bet on 8th of August. On the next day I had a surprise- I couldnt log in to my account. The reason- "your country is restricted". And my deposit back!
    Well, when that law took place- on 8th of August? I doubt it. And why then Onebet accepts deposits from restricted countries? To steal money!
    And even if there is such a law- the bookmakers has to transfer all the funds to the customer`s wallet. Do customers have any rights in Onebet. Let`s see!

    So, I contacted live chat, I wrote several e-mails. The answer I received was unadequate and more than cynical. Here it is:
    André (OneBet.com)

    Aug 10, 16:02 CEST

    Hi Mario,

    Thank you for waiting.

    We refunded the deposit however we are not able to payout the promo part of your balance and this is why you received the deposit back only.

    Best regards,

    Senior Advisor

    So, this is it. They "are not able to payout". Any other explanation? No. On live chat they even told me " have a nice day"

    So, people, feel free to register and deposit in Onebet. If you win, a law may take place and you wouldnt be able to access your account.

    Well, I have about 2500 euros there. It is obviously a big, cynical fraud. Now I will go to the police and to the lawyer. What are my choices? Would you please help me?

    Thank you!

  • Welcome to BMR Forum, Mario89.

    May I ask what Country you're currently in right now? That's why It's always best to read the general T&C before playing.


    • Well, I am from Bulgaria. But it wasnt stated in the general T&C that betting from Bulgaria is problematic. Also....why do the accept deposits and registrations from this country/ They first accepted my deposited, I won...after that..restriction. Smelly...smelly


      • When selecting a solid book please check our Rating Guide for information.


        • Yes, thank you for the information. But I havent read anything bad for Onebet in the net before i registered.

          Well, I am shocked as this is big and cynical fraud. 2500 euros. If a bookmaker accepts registration and deposit from a country, he has to pay the winnings and all the funds if there is restriction ( Actually I am sure that there is no restriction. It is just a secret way for stealing money. No law has taken place in 8th of August.)

          And they do not explain anything. They just say "well, we decide not to pay. we give you back the deposit. Bye, bye"

          Where are my rights?

          So, would you please hep me. What should be my next steps?


          • Here is their answer. It is full of logic and explanation:

            Johan (OneBet.com)

            Aug 11, 06:07 CEST

            Hi Mario,

            Thanks for your mail.

            Sorry to hear that you don't agree with us, however the deposit you made as refunded.

            If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

            Kind regards,

            Customer Care


            • Onebet T&C https://www.onebet.com/en/terms#userRegistration_static under "3. Your obligations as a User" paragraph 3.1.3. actually mentioned your Country, Mario.

              "You are not resident in Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, China, Denmark, Dutch Caribbean, Estonia, France, Gibraltar, Hungary, Hong Kong, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, United States and its dependencies, military bases and territories including but not limited to Am. Samoa, Guam, Marshall Islands, N. Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands."

              I'm not sure how they review new accounts but I get your point, what if you lose your deposit, are they going to refund your money for the reason that you're in the list of the Country restrictions? But if you want to pursue the complaint, the company is licensed under the Maltese online gambling license, you can try to submit the complaint to this address,support.mga@mga.org.mt.


              • At least you got the deposit !!


                • Well, this does not satisfy me as I have 2000 euros more there.

                  I submitted a complaint to Maltese gambling authorities but it`s 4 days and I still got no answer


                  • BMR Sandy

                    An answer from Malta

                    Dear Mr. Kirilov,

                    We are writing to acknowledge receipt of the below e-mail.

                    Malta Gaming Authority provides player protection by active monitoring of operators who trade under the Maltese Remote Gaming Regulations. The sportsbook of website onebet.com you refer to is not registered or licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and therefore is not regulated by MGA.

                    We have made some enquiries about this company on your behalf the terms and conditions posted on the sportsbook of such website is governed by the laws of Curacao.

                    ‘1.2. The Operator is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (www.mga.org.mt) in virtue of a Class 1 License bearing number MGA/CL1/1177/2016 issued on 24/10/2016 offering casino games operated by a gaming system provided by Net Entertainment Malta Limited and is also licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission with license number 000-042739-R-321859-001.

                    1.3. All other Content Providers are operated by Viral Technology N.V, with registered office address at Landhuis Groot Kwartier, Groot Kwartierweg 12, Curacao and are regulated by the Government of Curacao, under E-gaming license 8048/JAZ2011-015. Viral Technology N.V. does not offer its content to players from Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.’


                    Unfortunately we are unable to assist you any further as this company is not licensed by Malta Gaming Authority.

                    We hope this is of some assistance to you.



                    • Thanks for the update, Mario.

                      Below this page there's an option to file the complaint directly to Curaco egaming, https://www.curacao-egaming.com/#footer also an email address for complaints has been provided, complaints@curacao-egaming.com.

                      Please keep us posted. Thanks.


                      • BMR Sandy , BMR_Brad , Guys..all bettors form the world. You cannot imagine what happened with these guys. They first payed me 1000 euros, then I asked why it is only 1000 euros and not 2000 euros. Then they tried to cheat on me that my last bet WAS NOT WINNING BUT REJECTED.

                        But I was enough to make screenshot. So here I attach their last two e-mails...where you can clearly see that they are cheating on purpose (not by mistake). And I will attach my winning bet: So here are their answers:

                        André (OneBet.com)

                        Aug 21, 23:16 CEST

                        Hi Mario,

                        All of these bets you mention were rejected by our traders shortly after being placed, meaning the funds went back into your balance.

                        Bet 85089697 was rejected on 7/8 so the stake was given back
                        Bet 85090128 was rejected on 7/8 so the stake was given back
                        Bet 85091416 was rejected on 7/8 so the stake was given back

                        There are no more outstanding funds for you as we have refunded what you are eligible for.

                        Senior Advisor

                        My answer to this e-mail;


                        Do not lie!

                        These bets you are talking about are on the event Astana- Dinamo Zagreb. Some of my bets were rejected there. But my bet Nordessland- Partizan was accepted! It was my last bet!

                        I didnt make this bet on 7/8 but on 8/8! I am dissapointed by your efforts to cheat me and I will continue with my complaints!

                        It`s a shame for you

                        AND THEN, NOTICE THEIR SECOND EMAIL

                        2ND EMAIL:

                        Daniel (OneBet.com)

                        Aug 22, 07:50 CEST

                        Hello Mario,

                        Thank you for your email.

                        I am sorry to hear you feel that way but that is what the facts are.
                        We are not able to change that or do anything else in this matter so you are welcome to take it further however your feel you want to.

                        You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions related to other matters in the future.

                        Best regards,

                        Senior Advisor

                        Hahaha, so I have proves for cheating. In my next comment, you can see the winning screenshot...

                        Last edited by mario89; 08-22-2018, 08:46 AM.


                        • http://dox.bg/files/dw?a=1d38d525a5

                          Uuuuupss....here is a link where you can download the winning screenshot. Guys...we have here obvious fraud. I think I can judge these guys for moral damages.

                          With these proves...their web site should be closed


                          • Are the canceled bets still connected with the first issue you've posted, Mario?


                            • Sandy, what you mean?

                              The rejected bets were just rejected by a operator, some kind of limit...I dont know.

                              From my screenshot it is absolutely clear that my winnings are around 2500 euros.

                              In their e-mail (which I posted) they count 3 rejected bets but they have in common with my last bet.

                              Moreover these guys are very very arrogant. I sent them the screenshot. And their answer is:
                              Daniel (OneBet.com)

                              Aug 23, 05:32 CEST

                              Hello Mario,

                              Thank you for your email.

                              I am really not sure what the picture is for.

                              You got 200 euro back first, then another 980, that makes it 1180 euro in total.
                              That was your total balance, with that last bet included.

                              Therefore as we have informed already, you have been refunded the amount you are entitled to at this point.

                              Best regards,

                              Senior Advisor


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