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  • Betdaq arbitrarily seized my funds-resolved

    I have deposited regularly in 2013 (Jan to Aug) via Skrill into my Betdaq account. Each time the deposit page says this would be free. I have played through all my funds at least once. Recently I tried to withdraw my balance and was told I would be charged £2321. The reason given was that I had cost Betdaq more Skrill fees than the commission I had generated. They say they cant be expected to make a loss.Their T&Cs states that if there were any costs to be charged to a member "these will be notified to the member IN ADVANCE of his agreement to proceed with a transfer". As I was not notified each time before making my deposits I dont think Betdaq is justified in trying to pass on to me RETOSPECTIVELY all the charges that it had volunteered to absorb at the time of the deposits. If the £2321 charge was to penalise me for withdrawing my balance, such a disproportionate amount surely cannot be justified. Has anyone else had any such experience with Betdaq?

  • How many deposits and withdrawals did you make via Moneybookers/Skrill during this period? In the 'deposit via Moneybookers' section of their Terms & Conditions they say that they reserve the right to charge 2% of the value of each transaction to customers who are deemed to have abused the facility. I fully agree with you that Betdaq should not be trying to charge you retrospectively whatever their reasons are for charging you in the first place.


    • I deposited many times, each time to place bets on and I withdrew when I had won my bets. I had to manage my cash-flow. I am not disputing that Betdaq reserves the right to charge but as you say not in that retrospective way. They also say they can "withdraw the offer at any time". If I bought an item at a shop in a half-price deal and the shop then ends the offer the next week they are not going to ask me for more money from my account because they have now ended the offer and I am deemed to have abused the system by accepting the offer last week.The charges should be NOW and in the FUTURE having made me aware of these charges.


      • We can try to contact Betdaq on your behalf as at the very least I'm curious to hear how they justify their decision.

        But I must inform you that Betdaq rating was suspended last year after they
        asked for a better rating in exchange for us signing up to their new affiliate program and when we said no, they closed the old affiliate account which had a small three figure balance.

        I'm mentioning this just so that you are aware who we are dealing with. And knowing how they treated us in the past, Betdaq will probably ask to be upgraded into the Green list just to open a channel of communication to discuss your case.

        You can read the full story about the Betdaq retaliation here.


        • Thanks for that. But strangely today I got a phone call from their operations manager to say that after a lengthy review (with apologies) they have returned the £2321 to my account. From now on they will charge me 3% if I use Skrill to deposit (which obviously they have a right to do after notifying me). So I assume they realise that backdating the charges would really not have been the fair thing to do. I am relieved this matter has been resolved satisfactorily.


          • That's excellent news. I would have probably enjoyed going after them with such a strong case, but I guess it's better they realized that backdating deposit charges is not the fair thing to do.

            Maybe it's time for BMR to consider re-instating their rating.

            Any other player experienced problems with Betdaq recently?


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