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  • 138Bet - Bookmaker in Trouble?

    138Bet website went down for 'Maintenance' yesterday afternoon, and is still not back up. No response to emails or tweets, and the phone number isn't working. I have a couple of withdrawals pending, and a small amount in my account.

    Does anybody know what's going on? And does anyone have any experience of a bookmakers folding?

  • Frustrating though it is, for now I think you can only give them the benefit of the doubt. Although it's not good that they seem to be ignoring all attempts to contact them, their Twitter account is still very active (last tweet an hour ago) and that's a more positive sign. It may be that they're simply revamping their site for the World Cup, so I would give them a bit longer to get up and running again, but if their site is still down at the end of this week, then it might be an idea to contact the UK Gambling Commission and ask if they have any further information or are aware of any problems with this operator.


    • I'd bet on them being back sooner than later too.


      • Their revamped site is now up and running again, although I can't say it looks any better than the old version.


        • Changes to sites usually take the player few days to adjust and learn the navigation. Overall the changes Im sure have enhanced the experience for the players.


          • Not in this case by the look of things. Can't really see why they bothered to be honest. Then again I stopped using them after they were involved in the disgraceful 'Cheltenham Free Bets Scandal' of 2016, so it doesn't make much difference to me what they do.

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