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  • Dobet any info

    I am a new member of this community. I have problems with bookmaker Dobet. My account is blocked without reason for many months now and in the in-built message system nobody replies to my continuous messages. I cannot withdraw my remainder because "it is <100 euro" as the relevant message that comes out denote. Obviously nobody is there attending. The funny thing is that I still receive news and promotions in my registered email address (by some noreply@dobet.com email account. Forgot to tell you that I started paying 5% fee due to inactivity, so possibly all my remainder will die little by little !

    Any help by this forum is highly welcomed

  • You say your account is blocked without reason then add than you cannot withdraw because your balance is less than 100 euros.

    It looks possible that depending on your method of deposit (and withdrawal), you don't have enough funds in your account to ask for a payment and Dobet after six months charges a 5% inactivity fee as per its terms of services.

    I'm not a big fan of these small Costa Rican bookmakers and I actually recommend players to avoid them, but in this case it doesn't look like they have done anything wrong.


    • Maybe I wasnot so clear. When I say "blocked" I meant that, although I could login and see odds, when I tried to place a bet I got a message "not possible to place a bet, your account is locked".

      However thank God I tried today and I made it possible to place a bet ! It seems that somebody came into the building and turn on the lights !


      • I have similar trouble: my 104,5 euros disapeared after I have done withdrawal from Dobet to Neteller 18 days ago.
        Worst: Nobody answers.
        I guess we shall contact the Interpol Office in the USA and Costa Rica in order to investigate this website.


        • I'm having trouble with them too ! When I make my bets , I get a message that can only make the bet with price well below the game , so I can not accomplish anything ! What should I do , this house has no chat , e- mail and the contact form is only for the site , did this several times , but no one answers . I am in Brazil and this further complicates mainly because my English is poor and end up using translators who are perhaps worse than me! rs What do I do ?


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