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  • Recent problems using SBObet

    SBObet have recently changed their statement pages.I cannot scroll down on the statement page to see the most recent bets now.I have emailed their support for help but I couldn't get the methods they advised to work.Wiggling the cursor at the bottom of the page worked once - so I told them that it worked - but I cannot now get it to work again.I must emphasise that I believe that my bets are being settled correctly and that the balance is correct.
    Also,their betting menus seem to finish halfway down the alphabet.
    Has anyone else encountered these problems,and does anyone have a solution that works ?

  • I've finally worked out how to scroll down on these weird pages.You have to left-click near the right-hand margin and a grey bar appears.You can then drag the bottom of it down to scroll down slowly using left-clicks and the mouse.A real pain,though.


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