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  • issue with vistabet


    please check the following issue I had with vistabet

    I attach the story and complain which was officially sent my lawyer. Unfortunately vistabet never replied officially. I have screenshots available with detailed info (Including official document from Greek federarion) but i am not sure how i can upload them.
    Please check i think my complain is valid

    I am a subscriber in your company with a current account and the code number of recognition is ******. After my registration and receiving receipt of this code number I can participate with betting to various football matches as these appear in your site with the electronic address www.vistabet.com.

    In reference to the above , during my trip abroad, I created a coupon with the code number ID *******, according to which I decided to bet on the Greek Championship and especially on the following matches: Levadiakos – Panathinaikos with a profit 7.50, Corfu – Pas – Giannena with profit 3.60, PAOK – Olympiakos with profit 2.40 and finally Panaitolikos – Doxa Dramas with profit 8.50.

    According to the above, the total profit ,in case somebody wins, amounts to 550.8 and taking into consideration that in all those games I bet the amount of 60.00 euros, the total benefit in case I won would be 60x550.8 = 33,048 euros (thirty three thousand and forty eight euros).

    Indeed, in that way, I won the specific coupon/ticket as my four (4) predictions concerning the result of the matches came true and due to that you have the obligation to return to me the amount of money that

    your firm promises in case a player correctly predicts the result of the matches on which he bets.

    The problem you actually created is that you did not return to me the above total amount of 33,048 euros as it was your obligation, but you gave me back only the amount of 3,888 euros, cancelling the betting on the game: Panaitolikos – Doxa Dramas with profit 8.50 and even without giving me up to now neither a persuasive answer nor a justification, although I have sent you a relevant message, explaining all the facts.

    That decision of yours is inexcusable, unjustifiable and completely arbitrary and cannot find any real or legal excuse for the following legal, valid and reliable reasons:

    For the specific game Panaitolikos – Doxa Dramas with profit 8.50, the organizing authority of the Greek Championship on 27 January 2012 published their decision according to which the above match would take place on 08-02-2012.

    On my behalf, I bet on the specific game together with all the previous ones on 31-01-2012, that is, four (4) full days after the official announcement of the organizing authority of the Greek Championship for the definite date of the game holding.

    More accurately, when on 31-01-2012 I bet on the specific game, it was already known that the match would be held on 08-02-2012, a week after the completion, on my behalf, of the coupon in question, which became acceptable as legal and according to the rules/terms based on your electronic site.

    Therefore, as a fair dealer and in good faith, I considered that there would be no problem with my participation in the competition and I was so very sure that after the match holding I would win the coupon expecting the payment of the profit.

    However, your firm refused the payment of the expected profit and only accepted to pay me back part of the money, cancelling arbitrarily and illegally my participation to the bet of the fourth match without any

    previous warning/notice concerning the validity and correctness of my participation.

    So, your firm finally paid me back only 3,888 euros (three thousand eight hundred and eighty eight euros), although you should have paid thirty three thousand and forty eight (33,048) euros, in relation to the coupon I have completed.

    Therefore, your firm, illegally and arbitrarily, kept and continues until now to keep the extra profit I am entitled to, which amounts to 33,048-3,888=29,160 euros. (twenty nine thousand one hundred and sixty euros)

    On my behalf, I protested to your firm for this arbitrary decision, but, in vain, as it was proved, since you have not answered back to any of my electronic messages I have sent you.

    Today, with the present extrajudicial statement, which is the final official warning to your firm, I ask from you to solve my problem arriving at a compromise, out of court (extrajudicial arrangement), not until after your company credits to me with 33.048-3,888=29,160 euros.

    Because, due to the above, you have the obligation to pay me off, otherwise, I am obliged to appeal not only to the qualified, political courts with lawsuits and charges at the expense of your firm, but, also, individually to the president and the managing director of the company,too

    Because I ask you to pay me immediately, otherwise I will publish the issue making known the fact that you do not inform your customers correctly and you do not pay them their profits.

    Because I will exert my legal right to address reproaches and lawsuits and charges and you will have to the burden to pay all these costs.

    Because the present extrajudicial statement is reliable, well-grounded and true.

    For all these reasons and with strict obligation to exert any other legal right, I protest against your deceitful behavior towards me and I call

    upon you to pay back your debts to me, otherwise, I state that I will appeal to the political courts qualified for such cases through lawsuits and charges and I will also personally accuse the president and the managing director of your firm.

    Under protest, without prejudice to my own rights, I order a bailiff to legally serve my present statement to the District Attorney/judge of the first instance of Thessaloniki, with reference to the process of service abroad by order and for account of the firm: “Vista Gaming Online Limited”, settled in London, 1 Kings Avenue, Winchmore Hill, London N21 3NA, United Kingdom, legally represented, in order to take cognizance of the issue and all the legal consequences, copying it in the service statement.

  • Hello christos11,

    are you saying that Vistabet refuses to pay because the match was not played on the date it was originally supposed to take place?

    If that's the case it must be the most original excuse for not paying a player.

    Is it possible that they voided the bet before the match took place ?


    • hello pier0

      yes vistabet did not consider this game due to the fixture change

      bet was available in my account, they just did not take under consideration the game with the fixture change


      • Did in any way Vistabet try to inform you of the fixture change before the start of the game?

        Or mentioned the bet was voided before the match took place?


        • No vistabet did not try to do so


          • Bookmakers Review can definitely try to contact Vistabet on your behalf, although if they didn't reply to a lawyer I suspect they have no reason to reply to a blog.

            I'm going on holiday for a week, but if you send your player details (username and account name) to complaints (at) bookmakersreview.com, I'll try to speak with Vistabet when I get back.


            • thanks

              mail sent


              • I've emailed Vistabet but they have not replied. We will now downgrade them to the Red list and then try to contact them one more time, but I honestly don't expect a reply from them.

                Please keep us informed is there is any development with your lawyer and/or if the case ever goes to court.


                • Just read the


                  • Vistabet was at one point part of Sportingbet. As a matter of fact one of Vistabet companies is Sporting Odds Limited and SportingOdds.com was a bookmaker that merged with Sportingbet many years ago.

                    Some of you probably remember that they had the red/blue logo in contrast with Sportingbet blue/red logo.

                    But I digress, Vistabet also lists the Alderney badge on its website, so my educated guess is that they still have some kind of deal with Sportingbet and are using its license to operate, although I'm not sure why they would need the UK Gambling Commission to authorize Sporting Odds Limited for vistabet.gr, which is obviously meant to target just the Greek market.


                    • unfortunately no reply to my lawyer,
                      we called and ask to speak with someone in charge, no response, nothing.

                      I really did not expect this

                      Unfortunately sportingbet and vistabet has advertisements to almost all Greek media and none of the journalists in Greek was willing to help me despite all the info I sent.


                      • Originally posted by G-Man

                        Just read the article on the main BookmakersReview site.

                        Absolute joke and sorry for your plight.

                        One thing I noticed was that the vistabet.gr site states a UK company and claims to have a UK Gambling Licence. Is that the case? The Vistabet.com site does not show any licence and a different company?

                        the bet was placed on vistabet.com website, vistabet.gr was not availale that time


                        • i am in the process of hiring a lawyer and bring the case to courts.
                          However London lawyer told me: your case would be governed by the law of Alderney and therefore is outside of our jurisdiction. If you have any reason to believe that it would be governed by the law of England & Wales, please give details of this and I can pass your enquiry back to the relevant department. Otherwise, it may be beneficial for you to contact a solicitor firm in Alderney to assist you further with your case.
                          I am a citizen of Greece and tried online to find a lawyer, their answer is poor. If any member is lawyer or has any lawer to help me with the case please let me know


                          • @christos11 - I know it would likely take time but have you also contacted IBAS, who Vistabet are in cooperatioon with? Seen here: http://www.vistabet.com/t/info/social-responsibility/ibas.aspx
                            You can contact IBAS here: http://www.ibas-uk.com/


                            • @G-Man I did and here is their reply:

                              I acknowledge receipt of your submission but have to advise you that due to the timescale – almost two years – since the problem occurred in January 2012 it would not be practicable for us to adjudicate on this matter.
                              The reason being is that it would be near impossible to collate any documentary evidence in support of your case as claims and disputed settlements cannot be investigated beyond the lifetime of a bookmaker's records and due to the lapse of time it is not practicable for IBAS to follow up this matter.

                              I genuinely regret that this Service cannot pursue your claim.


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