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  • sure betting - what it means, its uses and whether it can be a viable betting strategy (?)

    Apologize in advance if this - or similar - thread already exists. If so, moderator(s) would surely know what to do with it.

    Read some reviews stating pros and cons of sure betting, but still have a hard time grappling what it means, how it really could be an asset to bettors... (?).

    Could bettors with more experience in the matter offer their insights, preferably in the clearest possible language.



    With this betting strategy the main focus is on the variable betting odds that vary from bookie to bookie. In this way you can benefit from the odds variation and place your bets safely and without a risk. To do so you have to react quickly because the odds may change every second.

    The goal is that the revenue of every single outcome of your bets exceeds the over-all amount invested. The yield of sure bets is often very low but with a little bit of luck and patience you can surely enhance your betting account.

    For placing sure bets it is essential to have accounts on various betting sites and act quickly (visit our sportsbook review section). Also the placed stake should be a little higher than usual to profit more from the (sometimes very) small odds variations. To find a sure bets calculator just follow this link.


    In this following paragraph we show you two examples of how to place a sure bet. This concept can be used for sports with two possible outcomes (e.g. tennis) as well as sports with three possible outcomes (e.g. football).

    Example 1 – sure bet a Tennis Match

    By placing a bet on a certain tennis match I know that there can only be two possible outcomes – either Player A wins or Player B wins, there is no draw. If the odds variation of two bookies are in our favor we might get a constellation like this:

    Bookie 1: the odd for a Player A Win is 2.15

    Bookie 2 the odd for a Player B Win is 1.95

    This is how a sure bet with 100 Euro would look like:

    With a stake of 47,56 Euro on a Player A Win and the odd of 2.15 you will get 102,25 Euros.

    On the other hand, you bet 52,44 Euro on a Player B Win and with the quota of 1.95 your revenue will be 102,26.
    Players Quota Stake Revenue
    Player A 2.15 47,56 € 102,25 €
    Player B 1.95 52,44 € 102,26 €
    So in either case you will profit from this bet.

    Example 2 – sure bet on a 3-Way-Bet

    As you can see in the previous example it is possible to place a bet without any risk in 2-way bets but this is also possible for sports with three different outcomes like in a football game. You can also profit from odds variation at different bookies. This is how it works:

    Bookie 1: Odd for a Team A Win 14.00

    Bookie 2: Odd for a Draw 8.00

    Bookie 3: Odd for a Team B Win 1.30

    Now we place our 100 Euros again:

    We bet 7,40 Euros on a Team A Win and would get 103,6 Euros.

    Further, bet on a Draw with the stake of 12,94 Euros and an odd of 8 and we would receive 103,52 Euros

    And place 79,66 Euros on a Team B Win with a quota of 1.3, which would make 103,56 Euros.
    Outcomes Quotas Stake Revenue
    Team A Win 14 7,40 € 103,60 €
    Draw 8 12,94 € 103,52 €
    Team B Win 1.3 79,66 € 103,56 €
    So my earnings are, depending on the outcome of the game, between 3,52 and 3,60 Euros.


    Basically, you can for sure make some money with sure bets. But since the earnings per game are (very) low it will take you a good bit of time to increase your account drastically. But worth mentioning is that sure bets can be very useful to clear bonuses. Many bookies offer bonuses where you get some percentage of your deposit once you placed bets of a certain amount. But hence you can/should play sure bets with high stakes these bonuses can be cleared within no time and above all with no risk. Another interesting topic is back and lay betting at betting exchanges.


    The examples above show that you can place sure bets in almost every sport. It doesn’t even matter if they are two-way or three-way bets. If you find the right bookies who give you the quotas variation you need for a sure bet you can bet on any sport you want.



    • To sum up the information above:

      1. You will need to have multiple bookie accounts & have them all funded

      2. You have to decide if you are dedicated to making money with this method.
      if so, since the profit is small when you are lucky enough to find & seize an opportunity, you must wager an amount which you consider it to be worth your time & effort in searching bookies daily for guaranteed profits.

      3. It's not as easy to find these guaranteed profits as it used to be many years ago.
      in American sports it's very rare, but European sports with the various betting choices should present more opportunities.

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      • One problem you will encounter is continually needing to find new "soft" books as many out there do not like arbitrage players and will do things like cancel your bets for tenuous reasons as they know how much that hurts you more than a regular bettor.


        • Thanks.

          What betting strategies do you guys (Wagerallsports and BMR_Brad) avail yourselves of when betting on sports? Or, alternatively, what betting strategies do you think work best from the aspect of time and money invested??


          • Why is it harder to do this in American sports?


            • Just to add to all of the great info that Wagerallsports has given above, I found a great arbitrage betting calculator here:


              You can calculate your stakes, automatically round them to avoid suspicion with the soft bookies, and bias your bets to favour one outcome (maximise profit on that outcome).

              Feel free to check it out.


              • Simple analyzing the matches is the best strategy. Check out some time that might work for you.


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