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  • BetBroker information and reviews

    It is a slow time in the summer for betting :-) In preparation for the new season, I was wondering if anyone had any feedback or experience from using BetBrokers?

    There is a BetBrokers Review section on BookmakersReview. However, there only seems to be 5 listed?

    1. Samvo BetBroker
    2. AsianConnect88
    3. Bet Butler
    4. Premium Tradings
    5. Bet7-Sports

    All are NR (not rated) and surely there are more than 5 available? What is it like to bet with these companies? Do they only accept very high stakes? How are payouts? Seems that the sports they offer is also limited. Companies like AsianConnect and Premium Tradings seem to place bets with Pinnacle, IBC etc. Why would you use their service instead of placing the bets yourself with Betfair, Matchbook, Pinnaclesports, SBOBET etc?

    Any reviews would be appreciated.

  • I also know secondhand of Ibramarket - recommended by Keith Wade - never tried them.I myself currently use 123Soccerbrokers - they've provided a good service for my IBC account,and they also offer SBObet.However,I cannot get anything on their website right now,so I emailed a contact there.


    • Please excuse my ignorance but who is Keith Wade?


      • Originally posted by finleystep

        Please excuse my ignorance but who is Keith Wade?

        I second that. Wanted to be cool and pretend I knew who he was :-)


        • He's the owner of Club GOWI, a tipster service.

          GOWI standing for Gambling and Other Wholesome Interests


          • Apologies about 123soccerbrokers - the website does work and there's a link from this website under reviews - the address is https://123soccerbrokers.com
            Googling it doesn't seem to work except via the link on this website - I am guessing that that's because it's an https address and not a www
            Sorry also about being cryptic about the Keith Wade recommendation of Ibramarket - he admits he is on a commission so it cannot be regarded as objective.I really should try them out sometime and report back.
            Another broker/agent I've heard secondhand are okay is bonusbonusbonus - if you go to their website it tells you to email support@bonusbonusbonus.com to set up an IBC account - as IBC only deal through agents.


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