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  • Any experience with arbitrage bookmaker Yobetit?

    Is it a b2c or b2b product?

    They say they have demonstrated to leading operators how their technology platform can increase their revenue and that their product makes arbitrage trading more profitable for the arbers.

  • I had a look at this site, which sounded interesting. From their promotional material it appears to be an invite only arbitrage opportunity - it is not clear if they are actually operating yet. Invites are only available from their business partners, who buy packages (the cheapest package is £790) which appears to be the equivalent of buying shares in the company. It is far from clear how you find out where to get an invite from if you are an arber wanting to use the system rather than someone wanting to buy shares.

    The arbitrage involved seems to be what I would call "dutching" - that is bets between 2 or more bookmakers, rather than backing at a bookmaker and laying at an exchange. In each case one of the bookmakers involved is Yobetit. There is mention of Rebelbetting in the T&Cs - Rebelbetting is a company who provide software to find arbitrage bets, with free and paid versions (I have used the free version in the past).

    According to the T&Cs the owner is Nellie Holding Inc and the administrator (and the name mentioned in the advertising) is Aquipa Partner Ltd.

    Unless the company are acting as a bet placing service (a bit like Betbutler) I would expect them to need a gambling licence. I can't find any evidence of one on the site. There is reference to it being a UK business, but the T&Cs say "Any dispute concerning the T&C will be governed by the laws of Panama. "

    Without any experience of this site and only having seen their promotional material, my instinctive reaction is to be wary. I would at least like to see amongst the FAQ an answer to the question "Do you have a betting licence, and if so, which jurisdiction is it in? If not, why not?".


    • I think it is a very innovative product and I do believe players will like it. In other words, the B2C side is there for sure. Main doubt from my side is B2B, it might be difficult to get european books on board due to the nature of the bets. Under normal circumstances players will be restricted by placing bets "out of line". For B2B they have to rely on asian/carribean books like Pinnacle, SBO, IBC, Singbet, Samvo etc. and exchanges


      • Sounds a little to good to be true. If everyone subscribed plays the arbs on offer, how can they possibly cater for them?


        • Hi, I know quite alot about Yobetit. They will be a ordinary bookmaker with LGA licens on Malta with big the different that they will offer arbitrage bets together with other bookmakers that they cooparate with, that will sharp bookies that NOT will limit arbitrage players from Yobetit. Their marketing is built as an MLM marketing (yes I know some dont like it, but it is what it is)that gives the people that invest in a "package" some great benefits. I have invested my self in a "Package" that gives me the opportunity to "invite" a number of people to Yobetit when it starts. They will have a webinair online tomorrow (9th january) that will explain alots of questions

          The Webinar will cover a company presentation of Yobetit, as well as all the benefits of purchasing a Business Package. You will be able to choose your preferred language.

          Simply click on one of the links right away and secure your registration to the webinair.

          In Swedish - 18.00 CET, 9th of January

          In English - 19.00 CET, 9th of January

          After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

          If you have any questions I will try to answer them, if you are intrested in investing in package or getting invites, contact me and we can discuss more.
          And no, I am not an owner or a worker on this company, we are know about 900 external people that have invested in a package in yobetit, there are only about 100 package left to buy

          Kind regards
          Mr H


          • I'm the resident skeptic here, but it sounds like the real oppotunity of this business is selling these "packages".

            Can you give me an example of a "great benefit" from buying one of them?

            And by the way, people don't like multi level marketing schemes because they are scams and they only make money for those that start them.


            • No, the big opportunity here is that we will be able to arbitrage trade with high stakes without being limited by the bookmakers that they will cooperate with, wich will be 10 at start and inceresing after that. Yobetit will earn their money in the same way as every bookmaker, on the net revenue.

              To get acces to their software it will cost 150 euro per month. It will not be open to everyone, you have two ways to get access. 1. Buy a package, 2. Get an invite from someone who has bought a package.

              The package then...
              1. After they have started the package owner will get a monthly commission based on the numbers of customers
              Calculated with 4000 custumers a black package owner get 1680 euro per year, 9000 custumers = 4000 euro per year.
              They calculate to have max 15000 customers after 3 years, if they get to many customers to fast it is possible that the number of arbitrages wont be enough for everone
              2. Package owner get 10 % on the monthly fee from the people that he invites ( 15 euro per person)
              3. Shares in the company

              Let go of the focus on the package and look at what they are about to start, this is what every arbitragetrader dreams about, then its up to everyone to decide...
              1. Take a risk with possability to get higher ROI when they start
              2. Dont take any risk at all, and hope to get an invite when they have started, the only risk here will be 150 euro per month

              It is hard to explain everything here, please look at the webinar tomorrow and there you will be able to get answers to your question directly from yobetit live on the webinar


              • Supposing I just want to bet at good odds,and not arb,will they be any help with that ?


                • Yes it will be possible to make ordinary bet with yobetit just like other bookmakers


                  • Hello guys,

                    if you haven't been able to attend a webinar until now, you may check out this record: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQkc51fHrl4


                    • "Only 150 Business Packages left!" - Yeah right - hence the hard sell :-)

                      Am I missing something here, but the video (as long as it is) does not explain anything really how it will be sustainable it is in the long term. You mention the limiting of the accounts (28:18). Who are these new bookmakers with build-in software that would ensure that they make a margin on the turnover of bets they receive? All your users will be limited pretty much immediately with Unibet, BetVictor, Stan James etc (these bookies hate arbers, and close accounts immediately if you bet on anything with value). This is the most important information for anyone to open an account at Youbetit. I can see Pinnacle, betfair, Matchbook, SBO and Samvo etc being a part of this, but is that enough to cater for all your users and competing with other Arb and Surebet sites? Is that worth the cost of a package? This is not new information that certain bookies (a few) do not limit players.

                      I do not think that you are really after sportsbettor or seasoned arbers. You are more after naive users that have no idea of how sportsbetting works. You use the Malta government (LGA) as a plus point of Youbetit (48:03). Having an LGA license does not give you credibility.

                      All the money someone can make sounds great, but actually turning over £50k cleanly doing arbs and getting additional users on Youbetit and getting commission from their work sounds great, but I cannot see it.

                      There may be an opportunity, but in my opinion it is not as large as you are suggesting.


                      • This is just the official webinar of Yobetit I have recorded...
                        On of the latest webinars he said something about 50 bookies and 10 sharp partner bookies. You may attend a webinar yourself and ask your questions.

                        In English - 21.00 CET, 15th of January

                        Best regards,


                        • Yobetit can probably guarantee one side of the arb to hundreds of players, especially if they have suicidal tendencies, but certainly the other bookmakers will adjust their odds accordingly.

                          Arbing is not a scalable business. At this time Yobetit is just a multi level marketing scheme and that's why we are talking about buying packages rather than odds and payments.


                          • Yeah, but this won't change until launch.
                            So what will you do afterwards if you see it it works out?

                            What about odds and payments would you like to know?


                            • MR H
                              Do you have any invites left?
                              I realy want to be a member of yobetit


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