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  • Matchbook - sometimes you have to work for value

    I opened an account with Matchbook around a week ago.They tend to concentrate exclusively on major events/big matches.It has been suggested to me that most of the odds offered on matchbook may be their odds - as opposed offers from other punters waiting to be matched.If you just accept those odds,you then have to pay an extra 1% of your bet in commmission.
    However,there is an alternative.You can ask for better odds - and your offer will appear as a win bet to be laid or,if you bet a team 'not to win' a team to be backed.For example,I bet Man Utd not to beat Fulham,and ask for 2.54.My bet is not matched immediately,so it becomes visible to punters as the inverse of the bet - for me to bet Man U not to win at 2.54,someone else has to back them at roughly 1.65.So that 1.65 offer appears for other punters to back.If they do,they will have to pay 1% commission,but since I left the offer to be matched,I will only have to pay 0.5 %.
    The platform isn't as simple to use as Betfair's IMHO,but the commission rates are lower.If only Matchbook appeared on more odds comparison websites - currently,I have only noticed them on Betbrain.

  • Great write up quincunx. I have been interested by Matchbook, as they seem to have good odds on Asian Handicaps, unlike Betfair, who charge you 5% normally. How are payouts?


    • I've been using Matchbook for a few years. As a Betfair regular, yes it can be a little tricky until you get to understand them. But US customers used to their platform have even greater trouble understanding Betfair's!

      Payouts have always been prompt for me using Moneybookers but are limited to $2500 a time / $5000 per day.

      They have nowhere near the range of markets Betfair offers. That's true even for US sports which has always been their main emphasis. They really need to increase their exposure as for the most part liquidity is very low.

      As for commission, don't be misled. Effectively it is ~2% because you pay 1% win or lose,unlike at Betfair where you pay only if you win. Sure, that's better for all bar those on Betfair's maximum commission discount.


      • Thanks,Hareeba.They charge 1% if you accept odds,but only 1/2 % if you make an offer and it gets accepted.They don't say what their turnover is.How busy do you think they are ? There must be a good chance of a competitive offer getting matched on,say a top Premiership game,no ?


        • Better get yourself updated Quincunx. Their standard commission rate changed to 1%/1% as from 1st January I think it was.

          Offers will get matched on most events if competitive with what's on offer at Betfair and Pinnacle.


          • Apologies,Hareeba.You are correct.I'm sure I saw the 0.5 % rate on the matchbook site within the past few days - perhaps it was in a tutorial.Anyway,I can't find it anywhere now.


            • Matchbook offer decent liquidity "offline". If you are a high staking customer, I suggest you get in contact with their VIP manager.


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