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  • Info on player complaints

    I'm currently in Italy on a family emergency, so if you have submitted a complaint on the forum or via email, you have to be patient.

    Especially if your complaint is about an Orange or Red list bookmaker or if you are not an active member of the BMR Community.

    I'll eventually look into all of your complaints, but I can only do it as time permits. And when I have time I give priority to players that regularly contribute to BMR rather than those that are just passing through.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience.


  • As I returned to work last week, BMR experienced issues which caused the forum to be offline for few days. Bookmakers Forum is now back online and the problems look to be under control.

    The BMR website was redone from scratch and the forum is brand new, so small problems should be expected.

    I would like to thank players again for their patience as I'm starting to address all outstanding complaints. All players will receive an update during the week end.


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