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  • Are Paddy Power's shop odds still as good as their Internet offering

    Yesterday,I went into a Paddy Power shop to try to bet Huddersfield to finish bottom of the Premier League - having seen their internet odds of 11/4.[my internet account got restricted long ago].Was told the odds were 13/5.Went home,and saw the odds on the net were still 11/4.So either their member-of-staff made a mistake,or their shop odds are no longer as good as their internet odds.Which is a shame,because they used to be.

  • Sorry,forgot the question mark.


    • It wouldn't surprise me if the shop odds were lower - and they certainly wouldn't be the first bookmaker to do it.

      For what it's worth, you can get 11/4 with a number of other online firms (7/2 with BetVictor), but I assume that, like me, you're either heavily restricted by them all or have been closed down completely.

      The bookmakers offering 11/4 are Skybet, 188Bet, Betfair, Marathonbet, Betway, Winner Sports, Titanbet and Vernons.


      • Thanks,Trevrizent.You are correct - restricted by Skybet,188bet,Marathonbet,Titanbet.Less badly retricted by Betfair,and have been backing it with them :-]
        TBF,got good runs with Skybet,188bet,Titanbet before the restrictions.Marathonbet restricted me very quickly,and Betway never really gave me a chance,although that was before they were targeting the UK.Haven't tried Winner Sports or Vernons yet.


        • If you've been restricted by Titanbet, then you'll be restricted very quickly by Winner, as the two have the same parent company. Although Vernons has the same platform provider as Titanbet and Winner, it's in separate ownership. I've had a Vernons account for a few years, although I haven't used it much and not since 2016. To be fair I've never had any major problems with them, although they might make you send a photo of yourself holding your ID next to your face before processing your first withdrawal.


          • Thanks for the info,Trevrizent !


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