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  • bet365 closed account(16 000 euro) and asking for third part info


    My username on bet365 is kubiete.I registred on bet365 2.oktober and made two deposits(neteller) 2000 eur each. I have a lot of winning bets and when my balance reach more than 16 000 euro bet365 closed my account.I get email from bet365 representative wher they advised me following

    Thank you for your email confirming your Postal Verification Code.

    However, before we are able to review the status of your account we will also require the following:

    - An alternative form of photo ID to that what has already been received on your account. This can be either your Passport or Driving Licence. However, we can also accept a photograph of your Birth Certificate.

    - A photograph of you holding a form of photo ID so we can see your face and the image on the document

    - A bank statement that show your name and address, is dated in the last 3 months and has been stamped by your bank

    - A Neteller statement that shows the deposits that you have made into your bet365 account and where those funds have come from

    I sent all requested ducumentation.
    As my deposit was generate from money who sent me my friend they asked for screenshot of my friend where they could see how they funding neteller.
    My friend provided me screenshots where they have incoming money from Betfair(35 ooo eur) and also deposit to betfair.
    Bet365 do not accept it and asking for FULL NETELLER STATEMENT OF MY FRIEND!!!
    I provided them all screenshots realted me and my deposit to bet365.They asked provide me third part info which is not related me and my deposit!

    Is it normll situation on this day?

    Please help

    Thank you for your email attaching these documents.

    In order to proceed what we need is a screenshot showing your friend's Neteller transaction history, not just the specific transaction.

    Please provide a screenshot of your friend's full Neteller transaction history in a reply to this email and we can look to review this.

    Our team are available 24 hours a day by Live Chat, via email support-eng@customerservices365.com or call +44 1782 684757 and we will be pleased to assist you.

    Kind regards,

    Sophie T
    The bet365 Team

  • First of all you should understand that depositing large amounts of money into a betting account via Neteller when the Neteller funds clearly come from a source which is not your own is always likely to lead to problems. Even reputable bookmakers (and Bet365 is a reputable bookmaker) will demand cast-iron proof that you are not involved in money laundering and many less reputable operators will simply use a third-party source of funds as an excuse not to pay out.

    The simple solution to this is to persuade your friend to send you a detailed history of his/her Neteller transactions for the three months prior to the date when your friend sent you the funds which you used to open your Bet365 account. Assuming everything is in order your friend's account, then Bet365 would have no excuse not to pay you your winnings. That said, I can understand why your friend might not be willing to do this. After all, their Neteller account is none of Bet365's business except for the funds they transferred to you when you opened your account at the beginning of October - and any payments to and from another bookmaker, whether Betfair or anyone else, is most definitely nothing to do with Bet365.

    At the moment I think I would proceed as follows: try to persuade your friend to provide a detailed Neteller account statement which you can forward to Bet365. If that isn't possible, then I would submit a complaint to BMR via the red button on the forum homepage (stress that you have complied with all the verification requirements over which you have control). As a last resort, I would lodge a complaint with Bet365's European regulator, the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. Hopefully that won't be necessary, but I can't guarantee it.

    For future reference, you should never ever deposit large amounts of money into a betting account if those funds have come from a source which is not your own.


    • Thank you for advice.


      • Hi again

        I sent them my and my friend neteller statement forasked period but they make a fool with answers like this

        I can see you have attached a Neteller screenshot showing transactions, however it is not confirmed who this belongs to.

        The Neteller ID is the Neteller account number, this would need to be displayed on both your Neteller statement and the third party Neteller statement.

        I can confirm that in order to proceed we require a Neteller Statement from you and the third party's account, that displays each of your Neteller ID's.

        etc etc

        I sent all possible screenshots -seperates-with only one transaction
        and full page ,also marked in color - money from my friend and deposited amount to bet365.

        One more question here-i subbmit also complaint here 28 november [tkt:53219]

        Did you contacted them? Do you have answer from them?
        How working this complaint?


        • I've never used Neteller myself, so I can't be sure, but it sounds to me as if they are asking for a screenshot of the account details page, i.e. the page showing the account holder's name, address, email address, date of birth etc. If you have already sent them screenshots of all this, then ask them once more what exactly they require. If in the end they are still not satisfied and if BMR have been unable to resolve this issue for you, then I'm afraid that you will have no choice but to contact the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. If you have to do that, make sure you have copies of all the correspondence you have had with Bet365 (including on live chat), as the GGC will want to see it.


          • [tkt:53219]

            i ask for help trouhg complaint form here 28.11 -month ago
            Did you contacted them?
            They go around and around-every time they changed requests.
            I can confirm i sent all requested screenshots,also third part.

            Please help


            • There is a complaints link second from the top at the bottom right of the newBMR main page.BMR why has the forum sticky gone ? Bet365 says it is licensed and regulated by the British gambling commission.They have already had a major complaint where they refused to pay out because they said stake money came from a third party,so they might be sensitive to further complaints to the British Gambling Commission.


              • You could try contacting IBAS (Independent Betting Adjudication Service - https://www.ibas-uk.com/contact-ibas/), as they are bet365's alternative dispute resolution provider and Bet365 states on its website that it will abide by all IBAS adjudications. Be aware, though, that IBAS usually takes 3 to 4 months to adjudicate on a case.

                You say above that your account was in Euros, so I'm assuming you are not based in the UK. The UK Gambling Commission only regulates Bet365 in respect of their UK-based customers. If you are based in Europe, then your Bet365 accounts falls under the jurisdiction of the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.

                You don't have to be based in the UK to submit a complaint to IBAS.


                • thank you again,Trevrizent.
                  But i wana know whats happen with my complaint here?
                  I submitted complaint here month ago and my case here is under number [tkt:53219]
                  if here is complaint form and form was completed why i do not see any result here?
                  who is support here? why they do not inform me is there any result or no?


                  • You don't have to be based in the UK to submit a complaint to IBAS.

                    Are you sure Trevrizent? I read somewhere IBAS accept only UK residents complaints.


                    • If the bookmaker in question uses IBAS as their alternative dispute provider (and Bet365 does), then you can contact IBAS about your problem. It makes no difference where you are based.


                      • but i heard IBAS accept only UK residents complaints-ist not true?

                        is there any support email where to ask regarding my complaint here-https://www.bookmakersreview.com/player-complaints/?


                        • This column effectively acts as a support prompt - unless you want privacy.I couldn't find anything on the IBAS site to suggest that it only arbitrates for UK residents - can you ?


                          • For the last time, you do not have to be in the UK to submit a complaint to IBAS. If you want them to look into your grievance with Bet365, there is nothing to stop you contacting them. If you don't want to contact them for whatever reason, then that's your choice, but I think IBAS probably represents your best chance of getting paid.


                            • thank you,will do it in next couple days.


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