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  • sportingbet

    If sportingbet discover or suspect you use arbitrage they will suspend your account and void all bets on the account, including retroactively voiding previously won bets.

    All other honest bookies behave in a different fashion, simply preventing further bets but honouring all earlier bets.

    Sporting bet voided bets and thus confiscated over 3000 pounds of funds in an account. My advice would be never to trust them unless they reverse this policy and, like other bookies, honour previous bets placed even if they no longer want you as a customer.

    Sporting bet terms and conditions quoted below.

    1.4 The Sportingbet site and the promotions offered to Sportingbet customers are designed for customers taking part in recreational betting and gaming and if we believe that the bets are being placed or the site is being used for any other reason, other than recreational betting, for example but not limited to fraud, collusion, arbitrage or matched betting, then Sportingbet reserves the right to refuse or void bets, to refuse to grant a bonus or promotion, to exclude a customer from Sportingbet bonuses, rewards or promotions on an ongoing basis or to close a customer account without notice. Sportingbet undertakes customer profiling in making this determination.

  • Have others had money stolen by sportingbet?


    • They restricted me a long time ago, so I stopped using them (I didn't think much of them in any case), but I never had any problems getting paid. Obviously I haven't used them in a while, but I'm a bit surprised that they would attract arbitrage players, as I never found their odds to be anything other than average at best.

      Their clause 1.4 is an absolute disgrace in my view. It effectively entitles them not to pay any customer they don't want to pay simply on the grounds that they 'believe' (that's the word I really object to) that the customer is arbing. It may not help you get your money back, but if you're based in the UK, I would inform the Gambling Commission about what has happened. They are, after all, supposed to ensure that gambling in the UK remains safe and fair for all and I don't regard this as fair in any way, shape or form.

      You might also want to submit a complaint via BMR using the red button higher up this page, as well as posting your experiences of Sportingbet on social media - if there's one thing a bookmaker hates it's negative publicity.


      • One other thing: if you are arbing, then you need to make sure that there is no bookmaker spyware on your computer, in particular 'iesnare' (also known as 'mpsnare' and 'iovation'). The Ghostery browser extension blocks this tracker and so stops bookmakers snooping on you, although you'll also need to search for 'mpsnare' on your PC and make sure you remove any instances of it already on your machine.

        Fewer UK bookmakers use iesnare than used to be the case, although some of the biggest names in the industry still use it to spy shamelessly on their customers (e.g. William Hill and BetVictor).


        • Thanks Trev...

          I completely agree and thanks for the constructive advice. One part of this is attempting to get my money back and another part is warning the public. In my opinion the company is not fit to be allowed to operate in the UK.


          • guys Betcity russian site has best arbitrage odds but they still money if you have them in your country as betting office you should try them its going as 15 % on daily bassis ,try teenis you will see,but once again do not try the online version they gonna still your money with no reason,if they susspect!! they can terminate your account they can susspect anything


            • If you find an arbing opportunity,there will generally be one set of odds that is accurate,and one that is wrong.The accurate odds will be those offered by the Asian bookies on soccer/football,or by Betfair on horseracing where there is enough liquidity.So if you find odds that are longer than those accurate odds,and you are confident of getting paid if you win,the sensible thing is just to bet the odds that are longer - ie to bet one way - and not to arb.Because there will be limited opportunities to bet at the longer odds.Then if the bookies are using spyware,it will tell them that you are not arbing !


              • Am și eu o problema cu cei de la sportingbet. Am un cont în care am câștigat suma de 2000 euro. Când am vrut să îi retrag din cont mi-au blocat contul cică pentru o verificare suplimentara de către o entitate superioara și ca îmi investighează contul. Ce trebuie să fac în aceasta problema?


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