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  • Royrichie avoid them as much as possible

    I registered an account on this bookmaker 2 weeks ago and they sent me a message to claim some bonus, 100 euros welcome bonus. This i could not get at the moment because of some issues they had but i did not mind. i deposited 100 euros and placed bet on 3 outcome corner handicapps, by 3 outcome i mean example over 10 corner win, over 10 corners draw and under 10 corners.

    Normall i place my bet on over 10 corners and under 10 corners leaving open the draw part.
    example Over 10 @1.86 Exactly 10 @2.90 Under 10 @4.00, i place my bet on over 10 @ 1.86 and under 10 @ 4.00 leaving exactly 10 @ 2.90 ( i dont place any bet on this).

    This i did on the first part and won, the next day they gave me 100 euros and i have 200 euros to bet win, i continues with this method covering only 2 outcomes of 3 legs and winining and lossing i wont a total of 300 euros after 5 days.

    i have completed my roll over requirement, now i wanted to withdraw and they asked for documents which i sent to them and after the verification, they responsed that i abused they bonus by betting on sure win outcomes. i have argued with them that betting on HOME and Away leaving DRAW is not a sure win.

    They have insisted and said the decision is final, they won not pay back my deposit and would not pay my winning.

    i think this bookie is scamming and intentionally doing this to keep peoples fund

  • Hi Alan, thank you for sharing your experience with the board.

    To be honest, this is my first time to encounter the said book. They are regulated by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and gain the licensed last December 2016 and they already got different offices in four (Malta, London, Poland and Costa Rica) Countries.

    Did you tried to submit a complaint to Malta?


    • Feel free also to submit a complaint with us by filling out this complaint form, https://www.bookmakersreview.com/player-complaints and we'll try to help you in the process.


      • Thank you sandy, i subitted a complain


        • You're welcome, Alan.

          One more thing, I was just curious in this part of your sentence "This i could not get at the moment because of some issues they had but i did not mind." Can you please try to elaborate?


          • what i mean Sandy was, i registered an account with them because i saw a banner and i thought the had better odds, after the registration, i got a message on my mail to claim 100 euros on deposit if i deposited 100 euros.

            i deposited the 100 euros and was expecting to have 200 euros ie 100 euros deposit plus my 100 euros bonus but i didnt get the bonus. i asked the customer care about it and she replied that they had some problem with bonus at the moment. i didnt mind the bonus, i just started betting with my deposited 100 euros, after few bets, i saw that 100 euros bonus was added to my account.


            • I see, it all clarifies me now, Alan.

              On my first response, any chances that you also submit your complaint to the Malta Gaming Authority where the said book licensed at?


              • ok, i will submit a case now to them


                • Let us also know for any future updates, Alan. Thanks


                  • Thank you Sandy,

                    i reported the case and they have apologiesed and returned my money


                    • I am glad to hear that, Alan!


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