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  • bet365 pvc code


    First i will apologise for bad english if you dont understand me, i tried to combine google translator.

    One day in February, i opened account with bet365.com and i made deposit to the website. i sent them all my documents for verification and they sent a message that account is verified and i can withdrawl.

    i betted and won some money and decided to withdraw and i did, after 24hrs my money was not paid and i went to chat to ask why. they told me my account was under review and i do not know why. after another 24 hours they said it is still under review.

    The 3rd day, they closed my account and asked me to send a new identification and selfie and pvc code. I sent the identification and selfie but since i did not get the pvc code i was waiting and i asked them and they said it will take 28 working day. After 31 days, i went again to chat and asked for the code since i did not get it and the post office said they did not get it. They told me they sent it but i want them to resend another one. i asked them to send another one. They told me they have sent, the next day i asked again the agent to make sure it was sent, they said NO, so i started the procedure again and after that, the agent confirmed he sent it.

    On 14th april, i recieved this code and i happily sent it to bet365 and they said to me the code is incorrect, i forwarded the letter to them and they said the code was for the first letter and so i have to wait again for the second letter.

    This is becoming like a fraud to me because i do not understand why i have to wait for another letter that has the same address, name and everything the same except a different code. They sent the letter to verify my address, so i got the letter why do they need to get the second before they can verify my address.

    Then i went to the post office and asked them for the tracking number of the letter, and when it was sent, the post office said it was sent 1 april 2017, this mean that this was actually the second letter and bet365 is saying that it was the first letter.

    I do not understand what kind of letter that takes 60 days to get to its destination. Then why was the letter sent april and bet365 is saying february.

  • Hi saggyit, please try to submit a complaint to BMR, https://www.bookmakersreview.com/player-complaints and we'll see what we can do to help you.


    • I have made a complain


      • Originally posted by saggyit

        I have made a complain

        We'll keep you posted for any updates, saggyit. Thanks.


        • hello Sandy,

          can you tell me if this is properly, bet365 has asked me for alot of documentation which beyong what one can bear, they have asked me for identification and i provided 3 different ids and selfie, finally i got the pvc code and funny, they told me the first one was accepted. Now they want me to send bank statement, documentary whatever etc.

          please is this the stress one goes because you won some money, i didnt provide this when i was lossing.

          can you help please


          • Hi saggyit,

            Unfortunately that's how it goes, but if you can provide all the things they required to progress your request then it would be much better.


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