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  • BETFAIR sportsbook dont payout 10500 eur,account suspended..


    mY name is Deniss malerovs.Im gambler from Latvia,I registred to betfair sportsbook 4 apr 2017 I placed 7000 eur to Leicester vs Sunderland same day,Odd 1.5 on Leicester.my bet ID 0/8650743/00000001 was winning I get 10500 eur on my betting account.betfair asked for id document and address bill.I sent asked documents. Betfair sent back answerThis is due to the following reason(s): The document you have provided is not accepted as a proof of address.I sent an alternative proof of address.And again betfair refused it as __ Online statements won’t work either, sorry.Both of sent address proof bills was NOT online statements but real bill sent by providers by POST.Please help me with this bookie as my documents was absolutely OK and betfair just do not wana payout me!

    Denis Malerovs

  • Hi,Deniss.What were the bills that you sent to Betfair ? Bookmakers won't just accept any bill as proof of address,they require utility bills [ water,gas,electricity etc ].


    • Hi quincunx.

      First one was latest house administration bill sent by post about flat rent including garbage disposal tax.

      second one was latest internet and TV bill.

      both not online bills but sent by post with all necessary info in-my full name,home address(not PO box) ETC.

      and betfair answer is just-

      Unfortunately we would require a different proof of address than the ones you have already sent to us.
      when i asked whats wrong with current NOT online bills with NO PO box address in there is no answer.Im sure betfair do not wana payout and just cant find how to do it and bills is only one thing what he can refused because ID document he cant refusing but bill yes-because do not like it...


      • I agree that those bills fit the general description of 'utility bills'.However,since Betfair might have difficulty in recognising/verifying the issuer of the bills,it might be simpler and easier to send them a bill from a large gas,electricity,water or telephone provider - even if that means asking them for a copy of a recent bill.
        Alternatively you could ask Betfair if they would accept a bank statement.
        It is possible that Betfair may have difficulty in translating/understanding Latvian text on the bills,and may be unfamiliar with all-but-the-largest Latvian utility providers,so some understanding may be necessary here.


        • i submited also complaint form here.Will you contact them regarding my issue?


          • I do not work for,or represent BookmakersReview,Deniss.I am only a punter like yourself,trying to help.
            I agree that technically,you appear to have complied with Betfair's requirements,and that they should therefore pay you.I am only trying to help you get paid more quickly.In this case,sending them a bill that it is simpler for them to verify may be the easiest way of doing that.


            • I'm not a fan of Betfair, but they're not crooked (they don't need to be). If you follow Quincunx's advice (personally I think a bank statement is probably your best option), you'll almost certainly get your winnings.


              • ok,thank you for advise.


                • Originally posted by skonests

                  i submited also complaint form here.Will you contact them regarding my issue?

                  Thank you for sharing and for the submission of your complaint, skonests. BMR will try to assist you. Please keep us also posted whenever you have any future updates.


                  • Hello

                    After you contacted betfair regarding me I get email from betfair

                    Hello Deniss,

                    We wish to thank you most sincerely for your efforts in sending the documents out to us. Unfortunately, we cannot accept them as they are unclear and/or invalid.

                    So just to remind you, we’d like to see a few documents that show your Proof of Identity, Address and the way that you pay. Send us one from each of the below categories:

                    Proof of your ID - A higher quality picture is needed of your passport
                    • A high quality colour photo of your passport, driving licence, or National ID card.

                    Proof of your address -
                    • A high quality colour photo of a bank statement not more than three months old.
                    • It needs to show your residential address; PO box numbers won’t work.
                    • Online statements won’t work either, sorry.

                    6(!) days ago I sent highest quality passport and driver licence(although before i shoudnt sent id documents but only bill)
                    and requested bank statement with current day bank stamp and signature.

                    Still after 6 days nobody contacted me and my account is still suspended.
                    although betfair promised answer after max 48 hours...

                    Verifying your account: Average Time to answer is 24 hours
                    Account security related queries: Average Time to answer is 48 hours
                    All other enquiries: Average Time to answer is 4 hours


                    • TBF,average does not mean maximum.I know it's hard and you are fed up,but try contacting Betfair one mre time,pointing out that you have sent the requested documents,and asking whether those are acceptable.I did get this from Tipico,once,they wanted photographs taken with a digital camera.


                      • The fact that Betfair are taking so long isn't necessarily a bad sign. I still think they will pay you in the end.


                        • Hi again.

                          As per quicunx advise i go to live chat to know-why i still do not have an answer and where is problem. Support answer was-your adress proof is not accepted.I asked-wich one first or second or also bank statement with bank stamp and signature ? Support dont knew this and promised speed up my request. But still withot answer from them.
                          MBR Sandy,please help ! last i sent latest bank statement with bank stamp and signature where is showed as my bank account as my address as well.


                          • Well done,Deniss.My guess would be that Betfair may not have looked at your bank statement yet,if you sent that recently,and that their live chat answer still refers to your previous address proofs.Hopefully,this will draw their attention to the bank statement and its validity as a proof-of-address.


                            • No i do not sent recently ,I sent my recent bank statement 9 days ago and still nothing.


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