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  • 188bet withdrawal issues and account suspended.

    Has anyone else had trouble with verification when withdrawing with 188bet??

  • Hello. New on here. I recently opened an account with bet188. Has got to be one of the worst bookmakers. When the account had £12000 go through it there weren't any questions asked whatsoever. However when the account was £40000 ahead of itself the bets were reduced and when I tried to withdraw they suspended the account. Now I have provided all documents but it's a been a week and I don't get no help from their customer service.
    First they asked for photo identification and a bank statement.
    Then it was source of funds and then 3 months copy of bank statements.
    Which have all been provided.
    On top of that copy of cc front and back!!!


    • Hi Sharda, the site is regulated by Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission as stated on their site, did you happen to file the complaint with them?


      • Hey Sandy. Yes I did this. The live chat we're reluctant to give this information. However as I'm in the U.K. It's regulated by the ukgc so I've emailed them but it takes up to 20 days for a response!


        • Hi,Sharda.Had my account restricted by 188bet a few years ago.Never had any trouble getting paid by them.If it's of any comfort,my guess is that if you keep trying,they will pay you eventually,because they are still touting for business in the UK.


          • Although I'm not a big fan of 188Bet, I would expect them to pay up in the end because, as Quincunx says, they usually do. They're probably just stalling because of the amount involved and if you keep chasing them, I would be very surprised if you didn't get your winnings sooner or later. Once you've been paid, however, I would close your account with them and bet elsewhere.


            • Thank you all for replying. I will keep you updated.


              • Ok,I have received an email from 188bet.

                Thank you for your gesture providing Know Your Customer documents to us.

                To further satisfy the social responsibility obligations under strict UK Gambling Commission licence terms and conditions, would you be kind enough to provide the following:

                • the full bank statements from the 1st November 2016 to 13th January 2017, showing all transactions as your source of funds/source of wealth
                • the full bank statement for the “Premier Save” account, showing your full name and address, and all transactions as your source of funds/source of wealth

                We are obliged to perform and validate Know Your Customer documents for 3rd party transactions. This includes further explanation of the funds deposited to your bank account.

                The bank statements provided as a source of wealth show “benefits allowance”, “cash paid in” and 3rd party transactions.

                • Could you please advise if you placed bets on behalf of 3rd parties?

                Kindly provide by email the following:

                • 28 December 2016: transfer in from “*****” for £2,160. What does this transaction relate to?
                • 19 January 2017: “cash paid” in £1,900. What does this transaction relate to?
                • 20 January 2017: transfer in from “*****” for £1,000. What does this transaction relate to?
                • 02 March 2017: “cash paid” in £800. What does this transaction relate to?

                Kindly provide the following documents for *****&*****

                • a copy of their valid driving licence or passport as a proof of ID
                • a copy of their recent utility bill, showing their names and residential address as proof of address
                • a copy of their recent bank statements as a proof of funds transferred to your bank account for the cards ending **** ****

                We have no wish to improperly retain player’s funds or have dissatisfied customers.

                We apologise again for any inconvenience caused by this.


                • I'm probably not the best person to comment, as I avoid 188Bet like the plague, but in my opinion (and I stress it's only an opinion), their UKGC licence does not require them to ask these questions of you nor you to answer them. Transactions on your bank statement which are nothing to do with your 188Bet account are frankly none of their business and all this seems to me to be nothing more than a pathetic attempt by them to avoid paying you your legitimate winnings. That said, it's your money and so your decision as to whether you jump through the hoops they've set for you. My opinion of 188Bet was low before I read your post, but it's even lower now.

                  Quincunx, any thoughts?


                  • Thank you for replying,Trevrizen. I think I will have to take this up with the UKGC. What do you think?


                    • The account was opened in March this year. So I provided 3 months bank statements. Along with proof of 3rd party transactions from my daughter. So the source of funds has been clarified. Also provided receipts from Paddy Power as well regarding the money which was deposited into the account.


                      • Yes, I think it might be worth contacting the UKGC about this if 188Bet are still unwilling to pay up after the latest documents you've provided, although there's no guarantee that the UKGC will be prepared to intervene. I've certainly never been asked to provide this sort of information by any online bookmaker prior to a withdrawal request being processed. I've been asked to provide proof of ID, address and (occasionally) a photograph of any card I've used to deposit, but that's all - and I've made withdrawals from a fair number of operators both past and present.

                        The claim that providing the sort of information 188Bet are requesting somehow proves to them that you are not a money launderer is totally without foundation. I don't see how anyone can prove that they aren't a money launderer by answering questions of this sort, given that this is just one bank account and a person could have any number of others. As long as you have provided clear proof of your ID, address and ownership of any card used to deposit funds into your betting account, then, as I see it, all statutory requirements have been met and anything else requested by the bookmaker is unnecessary.

                        A lot of players like 188Bet, but I've always had my doubts about them, which is why I've never used them (if you do a search of this forum, you'll see that your case is not unique). I still think you're very likely to get your winnings in the end, but if you're betting in large sums, they my advice would be to avoid 188Bet from now on.


                        • I think I will seek legal advice. I'm not too happy about sending all the information.
                          Third party deposit proof-ID, Recent Proof of Address, Bank Statement
                          Full and clear front/back copy of ID of the depositor/3rd party account holder
                          Full and clear copy of the depositor/3rd party account holder’s Bank Account Statement showing the name and the deposit transaction(s) made to 188BET.
                          Source of funds-Nov 2016 to January 2017; and Premier Save Account
                          Explanation of the third party transaction in your Statement and the relationship with the third party
                          Full and clear copy of your Online Bank Statement showing last 3 months transactions.

                          I think the documents I have submitted are more than enough. Surely this is an invasion of privacy. Who knows where these documents end up!


                          • It's obviously your call, but I would be inclined to try a few other options first before going down the legal route via the UK Small Claims Court which I would only use when all other options have been exhausted. I would give 188Bet some time to respond, but if they still won't pay you, then I would file a complaint against them with BMR (use the red button higher up this page). If BMR can't get you your winnings, then I would contact the UKGC. If that doesn't resolve things, only then would I look at taking 188Bet to court. For what it's worth, I don't think it will come to that, but whatever you do, make sure that you follow this through to the bitter end if need be and don't let 188Bet off the hook. Good luck!


                            • By law are they allowed to hold ones money like this?


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